The OMG Cat

The OMG Cat or the WTF cat – funny gobsmacked cat. The cats name is “Choco” and if i told you what she was looking at, I would have to kill you!!!

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25 Responses to “The OMG Cat”

  1. mef2u2 Says:

    kittue’s like say whuuuuttt?

  2. mef2u2 Says:

    kittie’s like – say whuuuuuutt?

  3. pokebloxxer12 Says:


  4. comicshaun07 Says:

    2 Cats 1 Litter box?

  5. twilightnmileyforeva Says:

    he just learned justin bieber is a guy!!! XD thumbs up if you agree!!! XD

  6. luc2k316 Says:

    @twilightnmileyforeva a pretty pitiful attempt to get a highest rated comment…

  7. ryjoy12 Says:

    I like at 0:08 when its like “oh no she didnt!”

  8. fuedog1 Says:

    that cat just pry saw 2 girls 1 cup

  9. ilyjeanniexd Says:

    @luc2k316 why do people care so much for a thumbs up anyway? o.O

  10. 4myreport Says:

    What are you doing to yourself behind the camera?

  11. raystrife234 Says:

    the cat is watching 2 girls 1 cup

  12. MyVesta Says:

    its like hmmm. wait wat was that. OMG Oh no they didnt.

  13. F1ght4Lifee Says:


  14. MrLastDanny Says:

    OMG Cat is a nickname given to Chocolate, a kitten from Japan that recently became internet famous for looking oh-so shocked and appalled in front of camera. According to the original poster, the kitten was apparently suffering from a dislocated jaw when the pictures and videos were taken. Since then, she has fully recovered after undergoing medical treatment, but her viral legacies and video tributes still live on as “OMG Cat” on the inter-webs. @N3M3S1S331

  15. MrLastDanny Says:

    Please research before you post.

  16. colorz14 Says:

    how did the owner of this cat to dont ROLF ?

  17. nreal2003 Says:

    Check out my video of OMG CHAMELEON VERSION

  18. nreal2003 Says:

    Check out my “OMG my chameleon got high video”

  19. popsydoddle Says:

    Exuse me!? Ur The Faggot! OmgI Was Creating A Jesture Which I Supose U Dont get As Ur too Young :/ GAL!

  20. thaFalkon Says:

    @10lettername Ok, so I was wrong about that. You still haven’t proved that Ray molested anyone.

  21. Killakoen Says:

    thats how babies are made?

  22. semyonanimater Says:

    I want what this cat is taking.

  23. semyonanimater Says:

    “fake and gay” <—– RWJ

  24. pookiesmiley Says:


  25. togzi Says:

    lol this is on russell howards good news..

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