Talking Cats Play Pattycake

UPLOADED WITH PERMISSION The original video without the talking, from which this video was made, can be found here: I was in contact with this user, and they gave me permission to have this video up here. The original version of this video which I previously could not find, by JCElliot, can be found here: Everything is all sorted out with all of the permission, etc. So enough with the trash talking about whose video it is. I know it’s not mine. I said that from the very start. So chill out, all the permission has been given to keep it up, and just enjoy the funny video 🙂 —————————————————————————- Not my video, so I’ll take it down if needed. I found it on Just uploading it here, because I did not see it yet anywhere on YouTube. No infringement intended. Thank you to Exodus First Baptist Sr. High Ministry!

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23 Responses to “Talking Cats Play Pattycake”

  1. catcookie Says:

    “It’s not over! It’s never over!”

  2. 1342Panda Says:

    Love this video! Perfect voice match up! Lifts my mood! Thanks!

  3. fabienneyouknow Says:

    omg epic <3

  4. nikithemasterofstuff Says:


  5. TejasJan Says:

    Great job on the voices! Very good video. Great cats too. 🙂

  6. 101YTFAN Says:

    a great laugh! just what i needed!

  7. SupidRoVideos Says:

    @X3fireThatPwns same did i :)) and its still funny xD

  8. SaskiaCornell Says:

    This is fantastic – I love it <3

  9. MsMisha81 Says:

    I LOVE this video!

    You do understand that you have to continue making vids of these cats now?? I love the fat gray one! He is freaking adorable!

  10. coolz166 Says:

    haha love thisssss videoooo so funny!!!!

  11. purrbabe16 Says:

    A friend of mine posted this video on my wall on facebook and mmade my bad day SOOOO much better! I love it! I cant even imagine how long it must have taken to train the cats >.<

  12. summyre Says:

    i am in love with this

  13. profmonkeytrainer Says:

    haha. they are looking at the camera like; ” Leave us the F*CK alone, can you see we are patty caking here?! Damn! Some respect,, Get some!!!” haha. 🙂 Btw,,, Love the vid!

  14. MsPacmanBaby Says:

    i love this!!!! its genious!!! <—— and i obviously am not a genius cuz i didnt spell it right! :p

  15. ocarrington Says:

    Love it !!

  16. DoctorDos0016 Says:

    This is the greatest cat video on the internet.

  17. DragonessesBlood Says:

    Whats that?
    You BIT scrached me

  18. Babiisandiee1 Says:

    WHOA . ! WHOA WHOA . !

  19. MrLocoNBA1 Says:

    there was a bleep at 1:17 lol

  20. MrLocoNBA1 Says:

    WHOA WHOA WHOA……….. 95 people despise cats

  21. MrGuason456 Says:

    cool video

  22. AlanCanon2222 Says:

    The narration is great. I love how playing pattycake is such “serious business.”

  23. Jemetta1 Says:

    Every time I watch this “stupid” video, I laugh. It is so funny

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