Simon’s Cat ‘Snow Business’ – A curious cat discovers snow for the first time.

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24 Responses to “Simon’s Cat ‘Snow Business’”

  1. abutita Says:

    I can’t believe it!!This cat is just like mine … identical! Hehehe. The noises, the things that makes the cat … The man who did it must have known Goyo in another life … cool. A kiss from Spain

  2. Kiddomike Says:

    I love that Simon’s Cat is so smart and so clueless or curious at the same time.

  3. Emchelle1 Says:

    Just like my cat the first time in snow haha 😀

  4. BoNeStOrM92 Says:

    2:09 omg it’s sooo cute^^

  5. unicornvampirekid Says:

    omg my favourite part is when the bird impersonates the cat! :3

  6. laSonadora20Feb Says:

    haha sooo cute! Like my cat acted the first time when she saw snow ^_^

  7. TheIkkuna1 Says:

    @laSonadora20Feb Aww, my cat got attacked by bird, what threw snowballs too, what a coincidence

  8. nintendork2000 Says:

    Lol at the end meow.

  9. dsd313 Says:

    I love this cats tricks like
    1:30 because he’s trying to move him to the door so he can stick him.
    1:42 because the birds like ” CRAAAP! GET ME OUTTA HERE!”
    XD I love this series it should be a show.

  10. laSonadora20Feb Says:

    @Thelkkuna1 haha. I never said something like that. I meant the way Simon’s Cat acts in the beginning. Not the “fight” with the bird.

  11. Airalee888 Says:

    why is a bird there when there is snow?? 🙂

  12. Kernow31426955 Says:

    @Airalee888 maybe its a robin

  13. Ryantehossim1 Says:

    1:03 = PAYBACK +50

  14. tddurham10 Says:

    aww i was happie to know he diidnt eat it yay little birdie ok!!

  15. FisherBLF Says:

    Lmao almost had that bird XD

  16. banymatin Says:

    best Asian women

  17. danoulewis Says:

    Poor guy never gets food!!

  18. thesrpspaintshop Says:

    Maybe it had snowwhere else to go! 😉

  19. DoloresKleyborn330 Says:

    ?????? ??????? “????”!

  20. ivovanych7777 Says:


  21. hotpotato667 Says:

    Roobarb and Custard much? :L

  22. Cillimaus94 Says:

    i loved that part,where the little bird aimed like that cat 😀

  23. MilkaRanch Says:

    this has got nothing on our art video! have a look it recently featured in the tate modern! It’s on our channel!

  24. prowlersmybaby Says:

    I love when the cat hits the bird and the cat lifts his paws up like “Booyah!”

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