Simon’s Cat ‘Let Me In!’ – A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors.

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25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat ‘Let Me In!’”

  1. kolstom Says:

    you forgot the part where she leaves cm-deep scratch marks in your door frame. Metal door you what?

  2. MrKueche Says:

    watch?v=zsz2RVb_0Mk Look that

  3. FloridaLover113 Says:

    my nans cat jumps on the door handle like that

  4. rocksigirl Says:

    when the cat does something bad it always points at his mouth and goes away

  5. voldylover89 Says:

    this is what my cat does to me morning, afternoon and midnight

  6. Monitzin Says:

    mendigo gato..jajaja

  7. smaddqueen Says:

    Better than Garfield!

  8. pereramohan Says:

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  9. SchokoToastxD Says:


  10. Harlii123 Says:

    im impressed ! good show 🙂 lol

  11. lilbabykorngal92 Says:

    should be called tammys cat, hes just like my jasper!!

  12. KOHRT42413 Says:

    If you wanna download this mp3 just go to dopemp3s doht cohm.

  13. 0000Twilight0000 Says:

    Haha, this is SO realistic 😀 You can tell this guy has cats… 😀 Gorgeous!

  14. pimsy75 Says:

    Simon’s Cat is really amazing! Being that annoying is so cat-like. And the drawings are so cute. Love it 😀

  15. jazzijenniq Says:

    Major LOL! my cat always stays at the window while i stand there for hours holding it open… then he decides to stay outside!! =D

  16. Annfox1 Says:

    wow really amazing….my cat is like “this” cat…

  17. xandix96 Says:

    fat cat:D

  18. NeadyFox Says:

    my cat jumps on the handle of the door to, she alway opens the door….

  19. Xurgonic Says:

    A more appropriate ending would be the cat wanting to go right back out again, as mine always did… then back in.

  20. dogtorque Says:

    thats a strong window

  21. giemelregis00 Says:

    i hate that cat!! if i have that cat i am going him in trash can that is trouble maker cat!

  22. pokemonluver32299 Says:

    Kitteh wants in. LOL

    Cat: LEMME IN PLZ!

  23. comcube13 Says:

    My cat does all of these things – so funny!

  24. tylermcall36 Says:

    kewl cat lol

  25. StephenHirn Says:

    *picks up garden Noam throws at wind*

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