Simon’s Cat in ‘The Box’ – A curious cat investigates an empty cardboard box.

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25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat in ‘The Box’”

  1. boldhero44 Says:

    Knowledge = POWER…Exposing Deceptions…. Curious??? Please visit:

  2. AshleyNikole440 Says:

    my cat acts just like that!(:

  3. 3BricksHigher Says:

    It’s funny cause it’s true…

  4. jessica153222 Says:

    i wonder if anything in his house remanis unbroken

  5. leonnne77 Says:

    my cat is exactly the same:)

  6. sharaxable Says:

    Christmas time is my cats’ favorite time of the year. They all come for the empty boxes.

  7. FunkyMushroomMan Says:

    My cat is just like this. Boxes, bags, suitcases… I once found her sleeping in a box of sandpaper :L

  8. ucclark595 Says:

    it reminds me so mutch of my cat

  9. PukeZombies Says:

    Same as my cat, last year we bought him one of those toy mouse that constantly moves around when turned on but OH NO! he preferd the box that came with it… XD

  10. boldhero1 Says:

    Knowledge = POWER…Exposing Deceptions…. Curious??? Please visit:

  11. singbird95 Says:

    😀 i like it! it´s soooooo funny! AWESOME!

    P.S.: if someone like singing, please have a look on my videos

  12. MrHinnerk1996 Says:

    süße katze … So eine WILL ich auch ! 😉

  13. ExtremeDewy Says:

    @hurlingstar1 give him a box for christmas

  14. TheZochor Says:

    I wanna be a cat in my next life !

  15. ebonyonce Says:

    @Aditax23 this cat is my dog…

  16. alicesweetheart Says:

    0:49 “of course I did not just fall into this box” oh I love this cat

  17. Subsaficial Says:

    @boldhero1 no

  18. hope4thebest43 Says:

    @TheZochor lol me to cats can do enything and no one can ever stay mad at a cat

  19. catpieyummy Says:

    my cat does this all the time

  20. Rawr190594 Says:

    ahaha somehow i found the cat in this video so adorable. xD

  21. MCH1984 Says:

    I swear this animated cat is the spirit of mine; the resemblance is uncanny!

  22. 1994taekwondo Says:

    haha ill get my cat a boxand some cat nip ad he will be set for days! haha this is great!(:

  23. lils846 Says:

    ….easily amused.

  24. xoxoMOKIExoxo Says:

    dis cat is sooo cute, he reminds me of my kitten when i got a box yesterday lol XD

  25. ashgunnerz15 Says:

    480 ppl have no cats!!

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