Simon’s Cat in ‘Santa Claws’ – A curious cat discovers Christmas.

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25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat in ‘Santa Claws’”

  1. AngryRaptor Says:

    Simon, you can not begin to imagine just how excited I get when I see your videos appear in my Subscriptions box. They are, without a doubt fantastic and the animation is so fluid. The humor and mannerisms are captured brilliantly.

    An early Happy Holidays to you and yours. Hopefully it is filled with plenty of friends, family and food! 😀

  2. LucyNiina Says:

    cute cat<3 i love simon's cat<3

  3. jungenbum Says:


  4. crackersareyellow Says:

    Reminds me so much of my cats!!

  5. Kati5111 Says:

    HAHAAA, so funny, these videos are the best 🙂 keep them coming 🙂 thank you

  6. SinistraD32 Says:

    @oOMimiChanOo down vote

  7. Brooktno Says:

    It’s funny cause it’s not my tree!

  8. TNT9995 Says:

    Check out my channel for some Black ops and guitar hero videos, you know you want to. Across map tomahawk.

    Great Video as always, Like

  9. BreathOfTheLion Says:

    i love the fluidity of your animation. and the PERFECT behaviour and movements of the cat.
    youre awesome *thumbs up*

  10. 4EyedBlonde Says:

    Simon speaks! My neighbor’s cat always climbs into their Christmas tree to get away from their dog. The only tree that can withstand his fatness is a synthetic tree. And they definitely can’t put any glass ornaments on that poor thing.

  11. bastet81 Says:

    for the first time, Simon is speaking 🙂 you down! 😀 😀 😀

  12. sprecher100 Says:

    It’s funny cause it’s exactly what my cat does.

  13. raulsims11 Says:


  14. raulsims11 Says:


  15. H141094 Says:

    Now this is a great episode!

  16. billybobhargood Says:

    9 people own dogs

  17. LimeTTe09 Says:

    I love this cat. 😀

  18. loobydoodleism Says:

    Down, Down Down 😀

  19. krolowanocy Says:

    ou, i just realize, that this year i’ll be having a cat and a christmas tree… first time. hope it won’t end like at Simon’s

  20. Voltagraphy Says:

    poor simon

  21. sophiexheyxhey Says:

    First time Simon talks!? :O

  22. HexerPsy Says:

    awesome vid ^^ always get a fake tree and fall-proof decorations when u have a cat XD

  23. xLenaNguyen Says:

    Aww that was actually adorable ^^

  24. MrNumNums13 Says:

    Great videos keep it up!

  25. Neon071 Says:

    thank you

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