Simon’s Cat ‘Fly Guy’ – A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to catch a housefly.

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25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat ‘Fly Guy’”

  1. Orykwow Says:

    Meow, K-K-K-K-K-K…

  2. rachelwf Says:

    cat is so proud to offer him a dead fly!

  3. fuzzlefluff Says:


  4. GreenRocks11 Says:

    Hi!!!!these are sooooo funny!how long do they take???? I have a cat and he does some INTERESTING stuff!!!!

  5. elkinbiologo Says:

    muy..muy original y sumamente hermoso te felicito, sigue con ese talento saludos desde colombia

  6. oOoGHOULoOo Says:

    My kitten does the same think that cat does! Except putting the fly in Simon’s mouth.

  7. TequilaSunrise96 Says:

    this cat is so cut

  8. sanderspost11228 Says:

    0:48 perv kitteh 0_o….

  9. HotVegeta93 Says:

    cute how he plays with the fly 🙂

  10. nugfin Says:

    OMG I have not larfed so much in years …thanks Simon

  11. PieFace421 Says:

    Whats with the “me0w k-k-k-k…??”

  12. carsonmarie1 Says:

    My cat does that with roaches lol

  13. cupcakes5671 Says:

    why did the old lady swallow the fly i dont know why maybe simons cat put it in her mpouth lol

  14. cupcakes5671 Says:

    why did the old lady swallow the fly i dont know why maybe simons cat put it in her mouth lol

  15. dizkoteck Says:

    Ive never seen a cat do a ticking noise before

  16. scoticvs Says:

    I love his expression at 00:50!

  17. RainGoesPitterPatter Says:

    @dizkoteck Cats usually make that “ticking” noise to imitate birds, thereby confusing the birds and catching them off guard. I’m assuming since this cat is basically an indoor cat, that it is using such an advanced method of hunting for a teeny fly out of instinct, or because the fly is well, flying, that the cat associates the fly with birds and figures that the same hunting technique will get it the same result.

  18. Hypurr1 Says:

    @RainGoesPitterPatter It’s a cartoon. It’s not a real cat. You do know this, right?

  19. Hypurr1 Says:

    @dizkoteck You still haven’t. It’s a cartoon.

  20. Coolpixdix Says:

    I love the cat how is their name

  21. dizkoteck Says:

    Do you feel good saying that? Do you feel smart now?

  22. Hypurr1 Says:

    @dizkoteck Very much so. I am vindicated in knowing that I have enlightened a poor humorless individual that can’t see the irony in discussing the noises a cartoon cat makes.

  23. RainGoesPitterPatter Says:

    @Hypurr1 Obviously, I’m just saying why cats make that noise. And since the guy who makes these owns A Real Cat, it just makes sense that he models the cartoon off of his.

  24. EmoAliKat Says:

    It was so cute when he wanted attention cus he cought the fly 😀

  25. CtrAlt Says:

    1:22 – 1:31

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