Simon’s Cat ‘Cat Man Do’

www.simonscat.com – A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to wake its sleeping owner.

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    25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat ‘Cat Man Do’”

    1. hopefornopelove123 Says:

      every time it meows it reminds me of one of my cats called Dizzy….
      Dizzy:FEEEEEED Me…feed me? FEEEEEEEEEEEED ME!!!!!

    2. mr140283 Says:


    3. flameslego Says:

      i love this i got your books lol

    4. JadeGatito Says:

      jajajajajaja mi gato ,me webea alas 4 de la mañana,no me pesca en todo el dia el arisco, pero a las 4 dela mañana quiere cariño¡¡¡me despierta me huele el ojo ,me ronronea,me coloca las patas en la cara,se sube arriba de mi frente,se hecha en mi propio pelo,se hecha en mi cuello o sobre mi cara ,alfinal despierto cuando mee setoy ahogando¡¡¡

    5. Hellscrap3r Says:

      Poor Simon. xDDD

    6. ALand2237 Says:

      This was obviously made after my cat haha 😛

    7. LumenzTV Says:

      Brilliant. That’s exactly how my day starts every morning.

    8. MoulinRouge011 Says:

      How cool is this? :))

    9. TheFredlovers123 Says:

      I love this and moulinrouge011 it is super duper cool

    10. BedStuyBro Says:

      I showed this to my bro and had to pause it like 4 times cuz he kept cracking up so hard. He was in the streets keeling over. It was soo funny. This has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

      Protect our animals, Please. Both domestic and wild.

    11. Nebelkraehe82 Says:

      Oh my god, this ist great…*lol*

    12. pinkfruit777 Says:

      this is RACOON JR….lol….just like him…

    13. pinkfruit777 Says:

      this is RACOON JR….lol….just like him…

    14. pinkfruit777 Says:

      this is RACOON JR….lol….just like him..

    15. pinkfruit777 Says:

      this is RACOON JR….lol….just like him…

    16. Diomonds4 Says:

      poor kitty! i cant believe that person is SO RUDE TO NOT FEED HIS KITTAH CAT!!!
      I feed my mydnight-kitty every day ^.^

    17. Eternallyurs1313 Says:

      I love this..il be trying to sleep when my kitten decided that he wanted attention right then and there…so hed play with a stray piece of hair…just to get my attention

    18. Tommy2343 Says:


    19. magicalkitten1 Says:

      My cat sits on my chest and suffocates me until I move

    20. retro3x Says:

      That is soooooooo my cat! Love your work. Thanks for the many laughs.

    21. Cherries956 Says:

      my cat likes to wake me up in the morning; when i lift my head up he runs over and lays down on my pillow. -_-

    22. JeromeOokami Says:

      God that’s my cat Lilly I can barely wake up and there she is wanting food or attention

    23. pippaluvsu Says:

      Good kitty xx

    24. lrmc10 Says:

      can you make more??
      these are hiliorus!!

      caNnny rasher

    25. z3pHyRx3 Says:

      me and my girlfriend =D

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