How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve wrapped? Visit my main channel: www.youtube.com See this featured on Conan here: teamcoco.com

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25 Responses to “How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas”

  1. ciapalajm Says:

    This cat has been wrapped lots of times I’m guessing… LOVE IT! Wonder if my Audrey will sit still enough for me to wrap her…. I think I’d have to put her in a box first.

  2. Clovertjuh Says:

    What a nice cat you have 😀 Really cute ^^ Like most other cats, mine would never allow it. She would start playing with the paper ^^

  3. spikeyhayley Says:

    and the cat says “I has a lazy” what you guys don’t understand was that if the cat didn’t want it, he’d leave. notice how his owner wasn’t holding him down. there was no harm done

  4. spikeyhayley Says:

    @masterc422 the cat didn’t seem to protest you know

  5. spikeyhayley Says:

    @OneADayFoody *facepalm* they do have periods. when in heat (and not spayed) a female will bleed sometimes a lot

  6. evilunixuser1 Says:

    poor cat!

  7. BRYanMaximum5z Says:

    Can someone tell me the name of this song? cos tchaikovsky is just the musician’s name right? cute cat btw

  8. MissFrogtoes Says:

    Wow, that is one docile cat. My cats would just go nuts.

  9. KCIERRAA Says:

    Ok,4 Christmas I am going to try that,if my cat Oscar or Speedy will let me.
    Btw,iI think that Your catz r cute!

  10. sp4zcripple Says:

    Bit mean… But f**king hilarious 🙂

  11. KeiraA333 Says:

    this was kinda cute xD The tailmoving after its wrapped was hilarious!

  12. jye71 Says:

    Simply fantastic!

  13. barbieworldification Says:


  14. lionelthefox Says:

    @BRYanMaximum5z It’s called Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and it’s from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite.

  15. MarxSoulRulesFools Says:

    that cat’s name is patient

  16. BRYanMaximum5z Says:

    @lionelthefox Hey thanks(:

  17. DynamicallyCelestial Says:

    I find it highly amusing how the video is made after Christmas.

  18. mejiam987 Says:


  19. WoWkemon90 Says:

    @itztimmy9900 This video is old.

  20. s0mojo Says:

    i knew i was doing it wrong, thanks for correcting me.

  21. FrackMeister Says:

    0:23 WTF human?

  22. SilverJivo Says:


  23. TheAceVie Says:

    awwww too cute

  24. chemical2romance Says:

    Maybe if i got my cat “high” on catnip he may sit that still for me but when i was done he would want out right away!

  25. Heatfreak22 Says:

    Nutcracker Suite 🙂

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