Funny cats

I would like to share this funny video, because they are so sweet and also fool 🙂

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    25 Responses to “Funny cats”

    1. devil666darian Says:

      @sibuna123 Omg, that is the best thing anyone has ever said about anything… :O

    2. elseachay06 Says:

      0:23 they’ve had too much catnip lol

    3. PJGoomba Says:

      0:23 secret handshake and patty cake

    4. speedster1101 Says:

      0:16 doesnt even phase him

    5. diamondzebra101 Says:

      that is so funny

    6. VivaLaMegan13 Says:

      i like the cat on the water bed lol

    7. jjjeeefffeeerrryyy Says:

      lol this is hilaurious!

    8. noobking111 Says:

      0:05 I bet that cat’s ass looked like a boot print for months

    9. niyuki87 Says:

      waiwaiwaiwaiwait!!!! xDD

    10. mont1994 Says:

      0:05 cats are assholes

    11. SkyFoxCode Says:

      omg the fence one was the best!

    12. budgemagoo Says:


    13. themeancat123 Says:

      kitty the card tower killer at 00:03

    14. SupremeDemon Says:

      0:03 F**k yo cards, foo!

    15. BlasianWolfJean Says:

      cats are jerks…

    16. setsway Says:

      aww there all so cute and funny lol

    17. blackswagg20 Says:

      i liked this video i like the part when the little kitten chases its tail then falls thats funny (=

    18. rrlboogie123 Says:

      0:10 hahahahaha

    19. TheBorzy Says:

      0:10 funny

    20. TheBorzy Says:

      0:10 funny hahaha

    21. TheGaelicgypsy Says:

      ROTHFLMAO ! I had to watch it TWICE because of the tears of laughter! Excellant vidie ! Thanks for the laughs !

    22. 150shortstuff Says:

      @BlasianWolfJean you is meannnnn boyyy

    23. caramelskater Says:

      i like the kitten who comes out of the chicken :]

    24. MrLEON4569 Says:

      love cats got 3 mate best n was the card one id go mental if my cat done that :]

    25. Ashy6321 Says:

      that dood mast be mad at that cat in the frist part lol 🙂

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