Dog, Cat, and Rat Anyone who would like to donate to the animals can do so at To all of those who have done so, thank you so much, it makes a huge difference for us. Peace.

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25 Responses to “Dog, Cat, and Rat”

  1. Django5198 Says:

    best message ever!!!!!!!!

  2. MrPaulwaters Says:

    i love this..the message that is

  3. Q8peace26 Says:

    Press number 7 immediately, and you will see a man pointing with his left hand to a black dressed girl to enter a smart cave =P
    thumps up if you can see that.

  4. Q8peace26 Says:

    Press Number 5 immediately and you will see the man sitting on his knees, touching the cat then his ass and saying: kiss my ass TOM =P
    Thumbs up if you can see that. lol

  5. amyrose1fanteam Says:

    itls love!!!

  6. QuietGiant65 Says:

    dude their blazed

  7. feloidea Says:

    thats so awesome, i love it xD

  8. heamorhoid Says:

    animals like another animals. People hate everyone and everything. Sad 🙁

  9. AngryActivist45 Says:

    @DesignerDigital Basically, the reason why we can’t get along is because of religion and gender. If you don’t believe what others want you to believe, they have no respect for you. In some parts of the world, if you’re a woman, they have no respect for you.

  10. Nauticus89 Says:

    Just saw this guy with and his pets at the stockyards in Ft. Worth today, he treated them nicely and gave them treats

  11. OfflineOnline87 Says:

    They r probably brought up by germans..

  12. bigSpidermanfan Says:

    1:29 “Just don’t knock the flea off.” LOL. There’s 4 animals. And 5 if you include greg because humans are scientifically animals.

  13. bigSpidermanfan Says:

    You should go another step further and add a smaller animal to the rat. Youshould also make them run around and play.

  14. Thainara2588 Says:

    que liiiiindo *-*

  15. vestrova Says:

    @bigSpidermanfan true,he said that 🙂 they are with 5 🙂

  16. volure1 Says:

    I love rats for pet knowing am also a rat owner.

  17. imapersonhere Says:

    210 people don’t understand peace & harmony.

  18. MAVISSAMANTHAify Says:

    This is just not a ordinary dating site this is a Naughty women site

  19. DXmickie619 Says:

    Amazing ! *-*

  20. yyttroll Says:

    The dog is completely bored

  21. SnowLeopardLefa Says:


  22. TheBigNose9 Says:

    1:37 funny and cute moment 😀

  23. maggot666ification Says:

    is that chuck norris? o.O

  24. enter08com Says:

    Ok. I saw cats and dogs. But the rat is too much!

  25. granolagirl8819 Says:

    “no, i use velcro” lol

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