Cat Staff Meeting- HIGH QUALITY

There is the indoor cat. There is the outdoor cat. Then there is the lesser known, least liked, and most pompous of all cats: The Financial Cat

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23 Responses to “Cat Staff Meeting- HIGH QUALITY”

  1. Sas5043 Says:

    This is supposed to be funny?

  2. ShooterGamez Says:

    Why r u uploading everything again?

  3. Cheese8mario Says:

    lol that comercial must have taken place in soviet russia

  4. ghidfg Says:


  5. thejustcause2fan Says:

    Dog has the same voice as brian

  6. TrigunVash2 Says:

    didnt we already see this one?

  7. workingtitle43 Says:

    and once again the nike ad is funnier than the video itself

  8. workingtitle43 Says:

    @naenae8531 they’re paying attention to the cat talking

  9. workingtitle43 Says:

    brian in the crane?

  10. workingtitle43 Says:

    @TrigunVash2 no, this one is HIGH QUALITY and thats apparently a big deal… even though it looks the same

  11. MagnusRulerHardt Says:

    Why have I seen this before?

  12. MagnusRulerHardt Says:

    Surely the cats looking in the direction of the wrecking ball would have noticed it.

  13. preske Says:

    @TrigunVash2 yes we did. He just changed the commercial.
    Nike must have put a big sack with a dollar-sign on his desk.

  14. lna1102 Says:

    @naenae8531 … it’s a cartoon.

  15. shoepie76 Says:

    This is my favourite one, I might show it to my Cat in a minute.

  16. ghidorah5464 Says:

    694 people are douchebags

  17. leelow2 Says:

    kinda pointless but HAHA!! DOUCHEBAGS!

  18. JackieDiFilippo Says:

    That dog is a dick.

  19. breakingdownthewalls Says:

    The sponsorship was the best part…

  20. tagueeee Says:

    @ghidorah5464 no this just sucks

  21. rafetkrasnici1989 Says:

    how did the cats on the right of the talking cat not notice the dog with that wrecking ball >_>, Its a cartoon I know but comon…

  22. rang3pur3534 Says:

    the description is funnier than this video

  23. kattillion Says:

    @OhWhatIsItNow Then don’t watch it?

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