Bengal Rumble Playing With His Fetchy Toy Linus Cat Tips

This is a little fuzzy ball that he likes to chase and pounce at. He never seems to get tired of this one.

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25 Responses to “Bengal Rumble Playing With His Fetchy Toy Linus Cat Tips”

  1. Ebbzzor Says:

    Man lol, its 30 min left here in Sweden. Youtube is probally synced to some US clock or something.

  2. nobodypersonsomeone Says:

    Happy new year everyone! I hope 2011 is better than 2010 because 2010 sucked 🙁 Oh wait its already 2011 for the Aussies 🙁

  3. GamesLitUp Says:

    It’s 2:54PM PST on the west coast of Canada.

  4. ksidornseif Says:

    Hey Linus, what are those pedals you got ther?

  5. 000Nagby000 Says:

    new year in france (Greenwich) +1

  6. TheHalfFinn Says:

    @Ebbzzor Gott nytt år.

  7. 555GB Says:

    @TheHalfFinn JAOW!!!!!!!!! GOTT NYTT ÅR!

  8. teckim Says:

    That’s one cool cat!

  9. Mastermind12358 Says:


    Gott nýtt ár*

  10. poochey1 Says:

    i would have moved if the fetchy toy had landed at my feet. i know how sharp cat claws are.

  11. OrRkaz Says:

    @TheHalfFinn gott nytt år (:

  12. imalwayswatchingu00 Says:

    He has a nice house,
    and cats.

  13. beastlordmetal7 Says:

    happy new year linus

  14. doctish Says:

    Discovery Channel Linus Edition!

  15. xyxstradus Says:

    I’d like to see him play some GT lol

  16. ThePredator2309 Says:

    That cat is looking a little heavy, Linus. How much are you feeding him?

  17. FpsMerc Says:

    happeh new years

  18. abefisk1 Says:

    Did you get Payed By Steel series/Blizzard for Put that Mouse there

  19. mathdarg450 Says:

    @Ksquaredgaming those kind of comments are so stupid, its not because he builts computer for a living that you guys all have to say some sort of stupid comments about his cats

  20. DjShanghai100 Says:

    the cat is like a dog.

  21. Mastermind12358 Says:


    hes just joking, relax.

  22. Firefox7755 Says:

    @Ksquaredgaming lmao

  23. HipHopMaster555 Says:

    Damn i love cats!!

  24. gard0i Says:

    So cute 🙂

  25. mcord21 Says:

    @Ksquaredgaming That comment is SOOOOO original

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