YDFV – Epic Intro, Boxing cat, russian police and drinking dogs

Share this video with your friends on Facebook & Twitter! Awesome Description! RATE FAVORITE AND COMMENT TO KEEP THE SHOW ALIVE! Send your Funny clip to: Yourdailyfunvideo@gmail.com! Share this video on Facebook & twitter! Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com Share this video with your friends on Facebook & Twitter! Whats in this episode – Woody flying behind car – Cat beats up a dog – Russian police shoots at tire from car – Kid tries to drink but dogs wont let him! Yourdailyfunvideo Your Daily fun Video yourdaily yourdailyfun dailyfun dailyfunvideo funvideo

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    25 Responses to “YDFV – Epic Intro, Boxing cat, russian police and drinking dogs”

    1. stanojkovici Says:

      00:56 Aaaahh, sad face…

    2. stanojkovici Says:

      00:55 Aaaahh,? sad face…

    3. klar778 Says:

      the dog’s look: “you’re not gonna do anything about this?”

    4. whyUspeakin Says:

      @MrGoerke in the description duh

    5. GamerAntman Says:

      the guy above me is awesome

    6. MixiAiko Says:

      Dog’s like – U MAD BRO.

    7. Deutschehordenelite Says:

      he just wanna eat the damn pussy! u mad?

    8. nddurana Says:

      cat threw a couple of nice combinations

    9. SnoozieCOD Says:

      Guys under me are sexy

    10. wo00ds Says:

      its funny cuz the cat is pissed and the dog is having fun

    11. wo00ds Says:

      lol read the tags

    12. Alemzr Says:

      Miley Cyrus scissoring with Selena Gomez? LOL

    13. pcsiva Says:

      second vid is just like any other married couple
      Husband: Can we have sex?
      Wife: No, im not in the mood *slap*

    14. re5owns678 Says:

      stop spamming peoples videos u faggot no one likes ur vids

    15. tanory07 Says:

      This channel is like rwj but without an annoying, terrible comedian 😀

    16. ZTugaZ Says:

      AAAAAANNNNNDDD in the right conner MIKE TYSON!!!!! yeaaaaaaaahhhh x)

    17. weq54q24 Says:

      russian guys are insane and that cat is BADASS!! :X

    18. MissSamSamTV Says:

      I’m sure the end song is the Ren and Stimpy credit song

    19. TheBassHeavy Says:

      That cat is nasty bastard.

    20. beanzieb0y23 Says:

      Aww poor dog, he just wanted some pussy 🙁

    21. IncubusGrauen Says:

      ??? ??? ?? ??????.. ?? ?????? ??????? ???? ??? ???????? “(i cant tell anything about this video though)”???

    22. thiimi Says:

      lol at the tags: “Miley cirus scissoring with celena gomez”

    23. Jerbod2 Says:

      Respect to that policeguy 😀

    24. Tercious Says:

      That cat need to be put down 😮

    25. thecrispyjew Says:

      bhjkfdv tsdfklo;j/lmk,

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