Treadmill Kittens

Sparky and Jet getting their workout

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    25 Responses to “Treadmill Kittens”

    1. daleyander2468 Says:

      hahah dark one is lazy. The? mix white one workout so hard.

    2. allrequiredfields Says:

      This is wholly epic.
      You should dangle one of those fake mouses? from the control panel, with string just long enough to have it bouncing around on the tread. I think that might keep them on there for a while… or a laser pen 🙂

    3. sugahealzz Says:

      lol ouch?

    4. sugahealzz Says:


    5. TwittyTelly Says:

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!? Love it!

    6. Butterz771 Says:

      i? laughed soo much at this!!! Wicked

    7. rrroberty5 Says:

      real funny? 😀 i laughed 😀

    8. stendecc Says:

      It’s like they’re moon-walking at? some points! Brillant.

    9. gaylenwarrior Says:

      Your cats are very? beautiful! I loved your vid = )

    10. hs04avp Says:

      That’s one of the funniest cat things I’ve ever seen, my cat would love walking on a treadmill, but something tells me it would be a bit extreme to buy? one just for the cat LOL 😛

    11. Kimberly Clark Says:

      LMAO!! I love it when you kicked it? into high gear!

    12. BersiCH Says:

      haha very funny cats :D?

    13. SabakuSouSou87 Says:

      Made my day? 😉

    14. easterncoachworks Says:

      I keep watching this over and over lol. This is? true Mogology!

    15. Rick4Life2 Says:

      That was great! I laughed the whole? time! I want to get one for my cat now!

    16. Cattus99 Says:

      Very funny – and kudos to the actors in cat suits.?

    17. 0Cazlon0 Says:

      XD Love it !!! =D?

    18. MrSpinkleswirth Says:

      lol. damn, whenever i try that to my cat, she just flys off and hits the? back wall.

      unharmed, of course.

    19. TheSnipingBunny Says:

      I can? totally see my cat doing that.

    20. HappyLittleAlien Says:

      I? love how the one looks angry as it’s speeding up but just won’t give up! So cute.

    21. princedavid0 Says:

      Those are some fast cats!?

    22. jax1961 Says:


    23. John Kim Says:

      It is a good? idea for dogs. You need not take him out for walk.

    24. lukeman007 Says:

      sparky got owned on the treadmill but wouldnt give? up

    25. KingTek Says:

      a te? a he!!!!!

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