The Aristocats – Everybody wants to be a Cat – Disney

The Aristocats is a 1970 animated feature produced and released by Walt Disney Productions. The twentieth animated feature in the Disney animated features canon, the story revolves around a family of aristocratic cats, and how an alley cat acquaintance helps prevent a butler from kidnapping them to gain his mistress’ fortune. This film is noted for being the last film to be approved by Walt Disney himself; he died in 1966, while the film was still in early production. It was originally released to theaters by Buena Vista Distribution on December 11, 1970. The title is a pun on the word aristocrats. The film’s basic idea – an animated romantic musical comedy about talking cats in France – had previously been used in the UPA animated feature Gay Purr-ee.

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    25 Responses to “The Aristocats – Everybody wants to be a Cat – Disney”

    1. WaitMaggotSurface Says:

      @nmilke Thomas O’Malley is Baloo

    2. AsTheSunSpillsOver Says:

      disney just doesn’t measure up to this anymore…

    3. pinkhippo321 Says:

      there’s a diffrence between being racist and being stereotypical, use the correct terminology.

    4. stevecrossguitar Says:

      I too think the term “racist” is wheeled out far far too quickly in this mixed – up world – it’s a “stereotype”, silly & misguided yes but no need to put the writers in the dock with Goering at nuremburg…..(btw I.m pleased to say the french language song of this has in the verse – ” ooh la la mes amis quelle calamite !! “….so…no stereotypes there either…)

    5. tinkersization Says:

      Duchess says “If you want to turn me on” when she starts to play the harp D:

    6. ahoyjulia Says:

      2:50 = yes

    7. siepje6003 Says:

      @Firelord375 lol, what? XD

    8. volientgirl123 Says:

      good memories

    9. KittenPrean Says:

      92 people dont want to be cats.

    10. briggsie7 Says:

      i rember when i was little,this was the only movie i wanted to watch

    11. TwilightBellaForever Says:

      @gintakinboy racism? No. Stereotypical maybe.

    12. kpop2395 Says:

      I never noticed. But Aristacats is kinda like Lady and the Tramp in cat form 🙂

    13. BlurMuffin5 Says:

      I love this movie!

    14. mlolling Says:

      wow i like how the top comment is wrong. The Asian cat says
      Shanghai Hong Kong Egg fu yung
      Fortune cookie is always wrong
      hahaha that is a hard one

    15. Chex868 Says:

      Do? you remember wanting to run through the plains of Africa with Simba?

      Swing through the jungle with? Tarzan?

      Go to the enchanted castle with Belle?

      Go to the ball with Cinderella?

      Ride a magic carpet with Aladdin?

      Save? China with Mulan?

      Shrink to toy size to play with Buzz and Woody?

      Turn into mer-people and go? under the sea with Ariel?

      If? you do or? want Disney? to come back, repost this? in many videos to spread the message? and thumbs up to keep this comment at the top.

    16. wolfpackr552 Says:

      @Firelord375 good old-fashioned disney racism 🙂

    17. IamSicilia Says:

      This song NEVER gets old~

    18. DCSprousexAddict Says:

      2:25 I started tripping

    19. Deathgirly86 Says:

      ahhhhhhhh childhood <3

    20. JonniQuidd Says:

      I love how racist that Asian cat is…. oh the 90’s

    21. JonniQuidd Says:

      @JonniQuidd *70’s

    22. JudsonRadio Says:

      This movie is timeless!

    23. Jilhoa1 Says:

      @JonniQuidd The film is from 1970

    24. amy274216 Says:

      :O the asian cat is tigger!

    25. JonniQuidd Says:

      @Jilhoa1 I corrected myself. Damn fingers are too fat for the keys I swear! lol

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