Talking Kitty Cat (Wake up kitty 1)

Hilarious footage of my cat getting angry and swearing at me when I tried to wake him up.

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    23 Responses to “Talking Kitty Cat (Wake up kitty 1)”

    1. sparkyvk1000Username Says:

      chuck norris awakes 50 million of Sylvester every minute!

    2. skittelzgirl Says:

      wheres the todd video..

    3. johndeererednec Says:

      The Series has begun.

    4. johndeererednec Says:

      He’s tired.

    5. 345345Blake Says:

      @steffi67 Ik but it looks so convincing

    6. HaveAnArtAttack Says:

      of all the things on youtube
      gets 2 million hits.

    7. SuperSmashyfication Says:

      @Breymond7 Someone very talented that you should be ashamed for not knowing about.

    8. DekuSmed Says:

      @HaveAnArtAttack Hell yea 😀

    9. smbioncacarter1 Says:

      are you going to put new episodes on for like a christmas special, and do you get snow where you are?

    10. Stevolaad2k10 Says:

      i love that cat

    11. TheRickybbbb Says:

      funny i laugh so hard

    12. ManyMeows58 Says:

      I love this….

    13. ghosthi1 Says:

      happy birth day salvester

    14. Arctophile2000 Says:

      @Breymond7 He doesn’t have as many views as Kitten Waking Up. But he should.

    15. JesseLee2011 Says:

      video 1

    16. wolf101sgirl Says:

      Wake up kitty kitty “nooooo.”

    17. MystieRayn01 Says:

      love all your show

    18. chunger1976 Says:


    19. 59211bart Says:

      @Breymond7 A British-Australian comedian, actor, and musician.
      Tim Minchin is best known for his musical comedy, which has featured in six CDs, three DVDs and a number of live comedy shows which he has performed internationally. He has also appeared on television in Australia, Britain and the United States.

    20. cutetpie3099 Says:

      prees 3 noowa

    21. Breymond7 Says:

      @59211bart Thanks for telling, I really didn’t feel like looking him up. (Too busy watching talking kitty.

    22. mintsiez Says:

      this kitty is pain you can tell because cats only talk when there in pain

    23. skylerjorgensen Says:

      Look at my Kitty go to my channel

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