Talking Cat Turf War

A feline border dispute caught on tape. Find me on facebook: twitter: Thanks to mkass84 for shooting the original video!

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    25 Responses to “Talking Cat Turf War”

    1. Cat44Lover Says:

      Really god job!

    2. Cat44Lover Says:

      Really Good job, I meant.

    3. DarkLordTyphor Says:

      @cottoncandy125 A fellow Warriors fan :3

    4. futurestoryteller Says:

      “Wives”!?… must be Utah cats

    5. EricaHofer Says:

      lol “How are the lives?”

    6. datafrik1 Says:

      ha ha nice cat need 1 more of that

    7. shapman87 Says:

      what?! WHAT!!! lmao

    8. tusexygato Says:

      @futurestoryteller, hEy im from Utah and trust me i dont see any diferents oh wAiT they”r mormóns cats, is that what you mean?

    9. xXBalagoreXx Says:

      how do they do that talking stuff??? with the mouth being moved so it will fit the text

    10. Darkbat667 Says:

      @cottoncandy125 lol no its Thunderclan Vs ShadowClan. DUH It’s FireStar and LongTail or some shadowClan cat arguing.

    11. AKADeeners Says:

      Poor guy. Wonder what he did to piss him off!

    12. cottoncandy125 Says:

      @Darkbat667 well either way its still funny.

    13. bevin321 Says:


    14. TheBellluna Says:

      @yournamehere266 i was gonna say the same thing!!!

    15. mitchred31 Says:


    16. agge141 Says:


    17. ahmadaz96001 Says:


    18. SaluFelsenheimer Says:

      lachflash. xD

    19. davieurock Says:

      “now we got that out of the way….Um….How…how are the wives” gets me all the time

    20. knight0Farabia07 Says:

      garfield VS sylvester LOL

    21. stripedfoot101 Says:

      @cottoncandy125 i think ur the first to make a comment that has to do with warriors

    22. TheCaseyRaquel Says:

      This reminds me so much of the lion king but i’m not totally sure why

    23. woooohoooocp Says:

      is it just me or duz the orange cat sound like randle from monsters inc

    24. livi12100 Says:

      awi feel bad for the black and white kittyyy:( bahahha

    25. jevin72 Says:

      Garfield VS Sylvester GARFIELD OWNED SYLVESTER

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