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    25 Responses to “TALKING CAT!”

    1. Bojacks2 Says:

      I suspect it’s because she is super hot 😉

    2. wec19k Says:

      You gaining weight? your face looks pudgy.

    3. seraxera Says:

      that poor gerbil D:

    4. sp101erinteddy Says:

      That awkward moment when your not sure if your Gerbil is a boy or a girl.

    5. WhackTheWax Says:

      too many cute animals

    6. 22starlightmusic Says:

      To all the Lady Gaga fans out there-
      Go on to the billboard website to vote for you favorite billboard artist!
      Vote quickly because the poll closes tonight

    7. BroadwayStar697 Says:

      @EmoticonMayhem hahahahhaha good point!
      one thing’s for sure, i’d be ashamed o.O

    8. Calihotties4ever Says:

      Don’t hop off baby don’t hop off
      *it hops off*
      Oh good bo….girl!

    9. nightlover8 Says:

      i love animals^^ when i get sad i see cute animal vids and i get so happy^^

    10. JJcutie1 Says:

      lol poor gerbil

    11. AsianStiglitz Says:


    12. TinaThatsMee Says:

      “Oh, good bo-.. girl!”

    13. doll0face Says:

      hahaha my dog does the same as the dog at 1.22 only he licks the walls to try and get the light as well as jumping on the floor at it

    14. TACO817 Says:

      i love you too justine.. will you have my babies?

    15. ijustine Says:

      @wec19k haha it does. i think it was my camera angle 🙁

    16. ijustine Says:

      @doll0face haha that’s funny!

    17. ijustine Says:

      @Calihotties4ever haha!!!!! i love the gerbil

    18. il0vey0u214 Says:

      @ijustine heyy i saw u in E! News i was lik she looks familer….then i started alking about cute animals nd i was like omgg its ijustine

    19. ijustine Says:

      @ScrufffyJoe i know 🙂 i love them!

    20. Jensooh Says:

      congratulations, you found this clip 3 years later then all the other on the world. stupid whore

    21. RyanWalterTV Says:

      I SAW YOU ON E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    22. 101VanillaCream Says:

      @wec19k Thats Was Kind Of Rude/Mean

    23. KelliroxxoTV Says:

      what are next assignment???

    24. Anastranstiphia Says:

      hmm not sure what was the point, but okay

    25. MuffinMooTv Says:

      Whats With All The Talking Tom Cat Videos to The Right >>>>>

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