Supercats — The Funniest Cat Video!

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    25 Responses to “Supercats — The Funniest Cat Video!”

    1. godzillahn Says:

      1:05 is epic.

    2. starshine977 Says:

      If one of my cats could be as big as that huge cat she would be. I tell her we have to keep our girlish figures. lol My other cat only eats when she’s hungry but this cat eats what’s put in front of her, so I have to watch her like a hawk. lol

    3. GeeKBLa Says:

      0:20 Mime Ninja Cat
      0:24 Cute Ninja Cat
      0:30 Sneaky Ninja Cat
      0:49 The Real Ninja Cat
      0:55 Break the Law of Ninja Cat
      1:05 Polio Ninja Cat
      1:11 Another Sneaky Ninja Cat
      1:12 Parkour Ninja Cat
      1:15 Jump Ninja Cat
      1:23 GOTCHA! Ninja Cat
      1:40 Another Jump Ninja Cat
      2:14 Staircase Ninja Cat
      2:29 ‘Black guy’ Jump Ninja Cat
      2:35 Superman Ninja Cat
      2:44 Another Parkour Ninja Cat

      Thumbs up for ninja cats!

    4. chasefilming Says:

      whats this song called?

    5. BangSkeeet Says:

      Lmfao at the cat getting violated by a mouse hahahaha

    6. rapaSANDRAnui Says:


    7. TheLizoman Says:

      0:42 spidy cay

    8. Dadanekify Says:

      the name is Van Halen – Jump

    9. H4RDS7YL3R Says:

      The one @ 2:25 is a Lynx

    10. Razun Says:

      2:12 – 2:24 You’re doing it wrong!

    11. jmf459 Says:

      This is living proof that cats aren’t the mean, stuffy, boring creatures a lot of dumb people like to think they are. They’re just as silly, playful, and entertaining as dogs!! Also, whoever owns a cat as obese as the one shown in this video should have it taken away from them and be charged with animal abuse. Freakin’ idiots think that just because they’re 500 pounds, their pets should be too. Other than that, it was a cute video. Never expected to see a mouse and a cat cuddling!

    12. chettmansberger Says:

      Yes, there definitely cute clips in here, but there’s NOthing funny about watching cats (or any animals) getting injured. Even when it’s set to music, it’s still cruel and just encourages others to be and do the same.

    13. Rel7eGaDe Says:

      LOL 3.5 million views…….

    14. darkrockerism Says:

      is this cat realy that fat :O

    15. mrtornadowarning Says:

      Ha ha thts funny

    16. 15kittykitty Says:

      2:26 AMAZING

    17. 831iLuvYou831 Says:

      “i get up” *crawls up leg* Meww ,!

    18. TheTink1234567890 Says:

      That fat cats need to jion the tredmill cats hahahaha ssoo cute

    19. CrystleRoseGaga Says:

      1:33 The cat scares the bear!!! LOL

    20. gghill108 Says:

      0:30 ?

    21. shortcakesimpleton Says:

      funniest part of video is at 1:40/1:41

    22. StrawberryMooses Says:


    23. XxjoshthedragracerxX Says:

      what song is it

    24. rockincoffee Says:

      @Scarlettwolfy duh..why.professor…and who cares.

    25. dapens1 Says:


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