So Your Cat Wants A Massage?

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    24 Responses to “So Your Cat Wants A Massage?”

    1. jaredknockout91 Says:

      2:38 bit you need to get laid

    2. MrKillorbekilled29 Says:

      whos the best cat in the united states

    3. grinchgrin15 Says:

      that cat is seriously drugged…

    4. AmberFABBB Says:

      lmao wtff?!!

    5. druryst720 Says:

      i dont hit girls but i want 2 punch this ladies in the face!!

    6. watchingurvidz Says:


    7. dendariiprime Says:

      That cat is in SERIOUS bliss!!!

    8. ultimatenerd22 Says:

      @jesstenny5 that’s the best comment i’ve seen in a while.

    9. fromthegreymass Says:

      is this from tim and erics??

    10. TomsFriendKake Says:

      So if your right handed, you use your left hand to give your cat a reach around.

    11. Hadra568 Says:

      The cat looks embarassed

    12. zenhatesyou Says:

      is this from tom and aarons?

    13. FreakyKing2 Says:

      “Most people will go mid back….ehh”

    14. caitie1122 Says:

      “use two hands to double your pleasure and double your fun”
      ahahahahaha i love this video.

    15. LlamaxFur Says:

      This is like a messed up sex video

    16. MishkaGreen Says:

      Kevin Rose lead me here

    17. ChildishMuffin Says:


    18. ryallen32 Says:

      Im scared now.

    19. AutoTom Says:

      @ChildishMuffin He needs to stop masturbating and go fix digg before it goes under

    20. zsmorr92 Says:

      Damn you Kevin.

    21. steph41979 Says:

      I don’t know what the hell they gave this cat to make it so freakin mellow but I want some:)

    22. JonnyJayKhan Says:

      She is the definition of Crazy Cat Lady.

    23. cadguycad Says:

      kevin rose made me do it

    24. cadguycad Says:

      kevin rose made me do it

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