Sleepy Tigers…

TIGERS SNORE TOO!! We want to see funny clips of your cats sleeping! Post your video clips as a response to this video… The clip BCR staff like the best, will win their very own stuffed tiger toy: www.bigcatrescue.biz Check out our Tigers, Lions, Leopards and more doing what cats do best…..SLEEP! Big Cat Rescue is thankful to all our donors and supporters than enable us to rescue these cats and provide them with sanctuary so they can sleep in peace for the rest of their lives. What is Big Cat Rescue? Learn more here: bigcatrescue.org Special thanks to Kevin Macleod for the music used in the video: incompetech.com Find us on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com MYSPACE: www.myspace.com TWITTER: twitter.com DONATE: www.bigcatrescue.org THANK YOU!

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    25 Responses to “Sleepy Tigers…”

    1. Simbake1000 Says:

      Snoring tiger-style..so cute!! 🙂

    2. chicgeekess Says:

      how nice it is to sleep all day, then rest afterwards.

    3. fliegeroh Says:

      all cats, big or small, are masters of the art of sleeping.

    4. SteveF0X2 Says:

      1:40 why does that happen?? sometimes my cat does that anyone knows??

    5. SteveF0X2 Says:

      1:34 why does that happen?? sometimes my cat does that anyone knows??

    6. CuDizz Says:

      @SteveF0X2 I thought they were just dreaming then..

    7. RaquelfromPortugal Says:

      Did you win the car? I voted for you!

    8. AncaXBre Says:

      aww…so sweet!! I want to hug them…they’ll probably eat me but I don’t care I still want to hug them:D

    9. klramon Says:

      Congratulations!!!!!!!! As I said you’ll get this car! 😉

    10. anonymusum Says:

      Lazy – like all cats – tss tss tss :-))

    11. KitchenOps Says:

      I’m going to donate money because of this video<3 🙂 They are so beautiful..

    12. QKS46 Says:

      Donation coming your way big kitties!! Love you all 🙂

    13. littlebitty929 Says:

      Beautiful video….Such wonderful creatures…Can’t imagine how anyone could bring any harm to any of them. You people are doing a wonderful thing there in saving the ones you can and giving them a chance at a safe and happy life. Good Luck, and keep up the great work and videos….

    14. littlebitty929 Says:

      @SteveF0X2 so does mine….kitty dreams….

    15. Jaclyn11495 Says:


    16. LraCroft Says:

      Ahah, my cat sleeps in a lot of strange ways… xD

    17. HonkifULuvBrownies Says:

      LOL! at 1:20 *plop*

      Aww, they’re all so adorable. Always amazing to see how similar they are to house cats.

    18. rednogo Says:

      awwwww my baby boy Kimba is a whistler.

    19. BigCatRescue Says:

      @Allyslayernl We’re going to give people around 6 months to enter a clip 🙂

    20. BigCatRescue Says:

      @Allyslayernl No worries! 🙂

    21. BigCatRescue Says:

      @RaquelfromPortugal YES! We won the Toyota truck, thank you so much for voting we will put it to good use!

    22. MishalMooreLover Says:

      They look so cuddly, but they aren’t, eh? 🙁

    23. cloversweed Says:

      Awesome video..these cats truly look well taken care of, happy and most of all, at peace….thanks for sharing this with us…mary

    24. bengaltv Says:

      @BigCatRescue That’s brilliant news – I voted too and am so glad you won it! You guys do such great work.

    25. squidoogeek Says:

      Aw sleepy kitties! Congrats on winning that truck. 🙂

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