sleepiest cat ever

Cat is ok. Not drugged. Sleepy. bit.ly

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    24 Responses to “sleepiest cat ever”

    1. dollastx214oc Says:


    2. Iamxplay Says:

      Cat looked dead in the preview pic. That’s why I clicked on it.

    3. SunTrapped Says:

      Cat is going what, you said play dead didn’t you!

    4. TechDeck1628 Says:

      It’s cool, i am wont this cat!!!!!!!

    5. bradyrussell24 Says:

      The cat’s thoughts – “Maybe if I pretend I’m dead, they won’t bother me….DAMN IT”

    6. bruddahmanmatt Says:

      Looks like my Nebelung. Mine has never been this passed out though. LOL

    7. UsakouKun Says:

      omg this is so cuuute! *_* <3

    8. chocolateCARAMELLA Says:

      omg a dead cat… it’s soooo cute !! :)))

    9. oTATEoBLUEo Says:

      Another Russian drunk cat…

    10. seskasz Says:

      chernobyl survivor

    11. ALXROGUE Says:

      i thought it was dead :/

    12. jakassme Says:

      cougar dead cougar

    13. mazafukaH3 Says:

      deadest cat ever

    14. mleaurora0150 Says:

      i think it ODed on catnip

    15. KyKsTerZ Says:

      DRUGED!! lol

    16. chinchillawrangler Says:

      finally at the end the cats like “nigga wtf is wrong wit chu”

    17. dzonymasa1 Says:

      he hibernated 😀

    18. babymescaline Says:

      cat inception

    19. ITACCHAN Says:


    20. WildFeline999 Says:

      Are you sure it is not on drugs? or dead? Lol

    21. harehare2 Says:

      He has forgotten a wildness

    22. PizzaDinosaur Says:

      I have to imagine it never gets less scary to see that

    23. Hunkyfish20 Says:

      are you sure it ain’t dead?

    24. Allyouneedislove122 Says:

      to much cat nip?

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