Simons Cat (real)

Its not Simons Cat. Its my cat / or / no … öhm … I´m the butler of the cat. miss schlampi. 24.5.2009: She´s now at the happy hunting ground. memories on: www.schlampi.at

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    23 Responses to “Simons Cat (real)”

    1. logan12405 Says:

      hay the cat pulled an all nighter!!!!! =3

    2. ZBlue0 Says:

      OMG You’re so cruel! Your cat is trying to wake you up and you won’t listen! 🙁 JK

    3. AnimeNekoGirl98 Says:

      You make a video while you sleap? Crazy!

    4. TrevorLaneRay Says:

      Hah, awesome cat.

    5. MISSFAY13 Says:

      this cat could be related to my cat they look that alike! haha

    6. cansan20 Says:


    7. kazuma4400 Says:

      @aninjaNZ exactly what i was thinking. you beat me to that comment xD

    8. vikifinchyoung Says:

      Dude your cat is amazing & very adorable, but it does look a little obease. If you need help creating a dietry programme for it, just pop down your local vet & they’ll be happy to help you get your cat back to a healthy weight.

    9. KATERINA4EVER5555 Says:

      i have to do this with my cat too! lol! (: :3

    10. cheekypants321 Says:

      Must be very awkward when you have a girl over.

    11. Katusft Says:


    12. XxXMagistraXxX Says:

      And that is why cats sleep all day long

    13. whitetora19 Says:

      when i sleep my cat likes to sleep in the small of my back and if i roll over trying to get her off, she rolls to. she is like super weird like that…..

    14. Jdoggin5 Says:

      i am surprised that, that cat got any sleep at all with him moving so much

    15. lilianleite Says:

      Muito legal!

    16. killerdogd1 Says:

      b…b….but the baseball bat

    17. AleaseAbbyue374 Says:


    18. thedarknight713 Says:

      thumbs up if u wanna be a cat, too!

    19. Yoyotje2011 Says:

      I wanna be a cat

    20. cecenki1 Says:

      awsome cat!!! lol

    21. ayanemitani Says:

      reminds me of my two cats. 😀

    22. jacobmasonaid Says:

      When I move my cat just claws me… :/

    23. englandinacan Says:

      Try saying “miss schlampi” three times fast

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