Simon’s Cat in ‘Window Pain’

www.simonscat.com — A playful cat helps things get squeaky clean. Exclusive drawing lessons from Simon Tofield and much more… check out the Simon’s Cat Extra Youtube channel. http

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    25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat in ‘Window Pain’”

    1. nickyboynca Says:

      That is very racist? you asshole.

    2. nickyboynca Says:


    3. ObsidianEyez Says:

      Yes!? The kitten is back! 😀

    4. AshleyDL80 Says:

      Yay kitten is kust so adorable an? cute…i love it

    5. 60Macushla Says:

      Simon,don’t stop making these!!!LOLOLOL!!!!!?

    6. joemamma596 Says:


    7. cammarkgross Says:

      haha I? completely forgot about the little one!!!

    8. KillJoyKJ22 Says:

      This makes me laugh? all the time. I wuv kittens :3

    9. TheMrAkuz Says:

      Yeah, right? 😀

    10. caprettofreddo Says:

      I think random trolls come to vids just to dislike them! How can you hate on this cutie?!?! 99 dislikes? Please,explain. Oh right .^.^? the 20000 likes do that for you

    11. ericou812 Says:

      this video isnt as funny as? the others,great videos anyways.

    12. nhussain98 Says:


    13. kakisuaya Says:

      So? cute!

    14. XxZzRandomzZxX Says:


    15. UmmOkNoodles Says:

      Aww! Tiny kitty!?

    16. zombiesagain Says:

      this? makes me happy after playing slender

    17. lovlyanime Says:

      The kitten? killed it

    18. xoScarlettRose Says:

      If I had a doller for every? time that Luella put her paws all over the windows……. *sigh* I love this silly little cat

    19. Trishamarie44 Says:


    20. Taragon8592 Says:

      hahahahaha, boy can that cat? and kitten stir trouble;p

    21. u2bsocks Says:

      i like how they drew the? cat’s anus

    22. cupcakes8218 Says:

      thats? disgusting

    23. Fred775651 Says:


    24. sendmedeals22 Says:

      Stop now? cat you’re making old Doug frustrated

    25. CrazyBluePrime Says:

      Ah, so it’s? Dwarf Fortress style.

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