Simon’s Cat in ‘Sticky Tape’ – A curious cat gets into a sticky predicament.

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    24 Responses to “Simon’s Cat in ‘Sticky Tape’”

    1. ShadowFox8P Says:

      The little “humf” at the end is so funny… and cute πŸ˜›

    2. Kayanite1 Says:

      XD it makes me miss my old cat
      Mr . Tom so much πŸ™

    3. mystiqueswish Says:

      @MEGA1986A lol, the “xxx number of people who didn’t like this video are xxx” gets quite old on youtube real fast.
      I didn’t like this one as there was no external interaction with any characters (simon, other cats or animals), which for non cat users, I beleive makes the funniest and most popular vids. Yes it’s amusing to see a cat try to get a piece of tape off of him but it could be the same deal for a toddler and be just as amusing.
      I guess I prefer when the cat is up to no good personally πŸ™‚

    4. ultraviolator85 Says:

      thats no end πŸ™

    5. Mikesart2011 Says:

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    6. lazycandyworldwide Says:

      this happened to me before lol

    7. helocarvalho1 Says:

      I think? my brother have this cat. O_o too!

    8. twinbladestaff Says:

      cute! i was expecting more of the tape being on his head, my cat whips his head slowly back and forth and backs up at the same time πŸ˜›

    9. lovemycountryal Says:

      Lol I love it how proudly the cat walks at the end. Very funny. Love the other videos too. Cats are adorable creatures πŸ™‚

    10. IlaButterfly97 Says:

      I LOVE this cat!! I can’t live without him!

    11. HappyBappyBeth Says:


    12. XxAwesomeKittyxX Says:

      So much like my cat. xD

    13. TinyLittleLouise Says:

      okay… who can click the dilike button on this cat… hes to cute!x

    14. TinyLittleLouise Says:

      how can someone dislike something this cute?!x

    15. jms55ward Says:

      Great observations!

    16. Twilighter794 Says:

      I can’t stop laughing! So Cute!!

    17. BinkiMaus1 Says:

      @Porkchopzngravy Well thatΒ΄s cruel. You shouldnΒ΄t do that to cats. It confuses them and causes them to feel insecure

    18. MrHouston66 Says:

      lol this cat is crazyly hilarious

    19. Metroid4ever Says:

      Now I have to try this with my cat.

    20. Usagangster3 Says:

      246 people had a heart attack and accidently pushed the dislike button

    21. aboynequine Says:

      Very funny!!

    22. randomandcrazy101 Says:

      it always perks me up to see this a new simons cat video on my homepage!

    23. careTWOdance Says:

      I love Simon’s Cat

      Makes me want to animate something that’s not a school assignment, haha (I’m an animation major) πŸ™‚

    24. tornado274 Says:

      this makes me want to put tape on my cats

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