Simon’s Cat in ‘Springtime’

www.simonscat.com — A hungry cat scales new heights in search of supper. Springtime celebrates the “launch” of Simon’s Cat Vs THE WORLD. Let us know what you think of Simon’s Cat latest escapade! Exclusive drawing lessons from Simon Tofield and much more… check out the Simon’s Cat Extra Youtube channel. http

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    25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat in ‘Springtime’”

    1. Raising Tykie Says:

      ************ Hey guys i’m 10yrs old and i got a? comedy sitcom here on youtube called ‘Raising Tykie’. Watch Episode 4 of my show on my channel, shot entirely on the iPhone 5 camera! Please subscribe I need your support! I want to be an actor!

    2. JefDax1 Says:

      I must say? these video’s are marvelous. Keep up the great work’s.

    3. TRIGGERS749 Says:

      Love it ??

    4. tzaffani Says:

      i waaaant the colorful book. when will it arrive in brazil ?? >_<

    5. nogalere Says:

      ah ah ah great birds! great! XD?

    6. DisserduPisser Says:

      u? have a orgasm?

    7. SakiWatari Says:

      I KNEW IT! I knew Simon’s cat? is white! I can’t wait to see a full color of the kitten. I’ll bet he’s either grey or a cream color.

    8. MsPromQueen1 Says:

      I thought Simons cat? was orange! haha!

    9. ShinjiIbuSpot Says:

      My face when i thought i was suscribed a long time ago? and just realized i’m not >=(

    10. cleanpage1 Says:

      Simon’s cat is a a drawing and can be what ever color you want? him to be………… And no is is not John’s lazagna cat

    11. RikoLime Says:

      I always imagined? simons cat as a sort of russian blue-ish color, maybe a bit lighter :3

    12. dsdepadova Says:

      It’s grey – 0:48?

    13. SakiWatari Says:

      That tears it, I am getting this book! Also, DANG, how did you see? that without pausing or something?

    14. dsdepadova Says:

      I caught a glimpse and went back and paused, to be sure.?

    15. ty grabbe Says:

      OMG I LOVE THIS? VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. nintendude85 Says:

      Because? internet

    17. BestFriendRodents Says:

      i love simons cat!!! they never show the cats name though. i think my cat (a russian? blue) is just like simons cat!!!!!

    18. Viskas23 Says:

      i? always knew the cat was white persian or something 🙂

    19. TimeforTori Says:

      Am I the only one that feels weird when I see the cat with a COLORED background, in/on? the book. So unusual when I always watch these colorless cartoons xD

    20. Reckless4800 Says:

      Pause at 0:38 LOOK AT? HIS FACE!!!

    21. smith andy Says:

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    22. ironicJoy Says:

      hehehe? the birds

    23. BlacKGraFFiX Says:

      When you think? about it…cats are just so damn nosy! Leave things alone!!!

    24. bubblepop427 Says:

      When the bird popped out if the? box it scared me haha

    25. colin8696908 Says:

      4 years. sureeeeeee. Youtube? blocks the view count update at 302 for security reasons. the view counter isn’t updated for 8 to 12 hours.

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