Simon’s Cat in ‘Shelf Life’ — A carefree cat has a smashing time. Exclusive drawing lessons from Simon Tofield and much more… check out the Simon’s Cat Extra Youtube channel. http

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    25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat in ‘Shelf Life’”

    1. 7i7am7me7 Says:

      You really don’t know dogs. Cats are more independent making them seem smarter but how many work cats do you know. How many cats have gone through the training to herd sheep or save lives. Dogs and? cats are both intelligent.

    2. Microbe Cognyl-Fournier Says:

      All this stupid fighting about dogs and cats is so stupid! They’re animals, not celebreties. By the way , I love your videos, they’re so creative? compared to others! Great job!

    3. arbutusviper1 Says:

      Each to his/her own. I had a dog once, and he was? 10x more monstrous than all of 3 of my cats combined!

    4. feirl123 Says:

      dogs? still are cool and so are cats they are both awesome.

    5. ZebraOwnzUPS3 Says:

      I’m on both sides. @JRMyzZz , that was dumb of you to post something about dogs on a popular cat video. I love both cats and dogs. ?

    6. Justpeachey22 Says:

      Poor Simon,? he lives alone with his cat . . .

    7. nemini0 Says:

      poor? he lives with awesome cat!:D?

    8. iTehWisz Says:

      do u? draw these?

    9. Iluvatar170 Says:

      this never gets? bored…

    10. gaga girls123 Says:

      hey simon your love to your cat is not? rely

    11. Quanuck Says:


    12. LPSPetTV Says:

      This was made on my birthday! I have a awesome b-day gift… A? FUNNY YOUTUBE VIDEO ON SIMON’S CAT!!!!

    13. adam alshohati Says:

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    14. eblund1 Says:

      DOGS FTW?

    15. operationkingmarkm Says:

      big mistake? leaning on the shelf lawl

    16. Epiczz Eddy Says:

      Thefinebros did a reaction vid? to this 😀

    17. Littlemoon23 Says:

      seems legit! ?

    18. bryce priest Says:

      Bro how could you hate Cats Thats like saying you hate justin? bieber
      oh wait Everyone hates justin 😛

    19. Jayaqari Lolcake Says:

      That’s why I keep my dogs outside :)?

    20. TheRobloxmastermind Says:

      what do? you use to make these?

    21. sausanacademy Says:

      SOOOOOOO true!? I’ve lost a few antiques that way.

    22. missmeowmeow3142 Says:

      I didn’t? choose the shelf life, The shelf life chose me…..

    23. Jade Gee-An Cunanan Says:


    24. DarkGingerSuperNinja Says:


    25. magiicshot94 Says:

      @thepaulsinner haah yeah just got my free? 20 pounds bonus today xD simply go claim it below: bit?ly/best-uk-game

      I love this bingo game

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