Simon’s Cat in ‘Hop It’

www.simonscat.com – A playful cat meets his match.

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    25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat in ‘Hop It’”

    1. kon725 Says:

      207 people didn’t catch the rabbit

    2. MrOsman88 Says:

      i love is every single one simon is the best ……

    3. xar901 Says:

      ????? ???????? ????

    4. tgi007 Says:

      Adorable ending. Loved it!

    5. greggh Says:

      @thebikerboi2 Sorry. That was me. I kept hitting the wrong button.

    6. MegaLuchia Says:

      they are so cutieeeee!

    7. DiavolicBG Says:

      thumbs up if you are the 1,276,536 viewer

    8. Zblj1987 Says:

      Stop the thumb up madness!!!

    9. SubwayToBaerchen Says:

      That is so sweet =)

    10. merciasound Says:

      Awwww! SO cute!!

    11. ttestaaja6 Says:


    12. sompret Says:

      This is what Nermal gets up to everyday.

    13. natik111 Says:

      Thumbs up if you watched the video because it’s good!!!

    14. VickyDaWolf Says:

      Awww, the ending is so sweet. 😀

    15. KrkDexter91 Says:

      cute 😛

    16. no0biekidz Says:

      The ending was so cute and sweet <3

    17. GROMINBLX Says:


    18. Acequest7 Says:

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    19. Fistbeardthepirate Says:


    20. xSitkax Says:


    21. NikLagua Says:

      221 people though the dislike button waz dis i like button

    22. Shamiroy Says:

      Nice ending. ^^

    23. Maineminers Says:

      That’s what you get for show mercy. =D

    24. erinkelly83 Says:

      My heart just exploded from cuteness.

    25. xJaSagerx Says:

      cute 😀

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