Simon’s Cat in ‘Hidden Treasure’

www.simonscat.com – A playful cat discovers hidden wonders.

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    23 Responses to “Simon’s Cat in ‘Hidden Treasure’”

    1. deeceem11 Says:

      Instead of time wasting, (bit.ly / laXyAi)

    2. GeNeXGamingHD Says:

      Co za aszy…

    3. misterbobisme Says:

      @wtimrei what? Immediately remembered his old fridge? What’s that supposed to mean?

    4. BlackNinjaTwin Says:

      hmm.. think it’s time to clean up under the fridge? 😀

    5. TheTomWarp Says:

      N’aaaaaw :3

    6. BlackNinjaTwin Says:

      hmm… think it’s time to clean up under the fridge? 😀

    7. XxShadowOfAgesxX Says:

      Lol garfield eat your heart out. This is cuter, funnier and waaaaaaay better than garfield

    8. 5245trev Says:

      did any one else click on this thinking it was simon from the Yogscast ?

    9. shelaiism Says:

      Three Best things in the World for me now: ): ): ): ): )
      1. Wade——-My boyfriend?
      2. 55cheap. com–the cheapest shopping site
      3. the video above—-the truest and most interesting video, I like it

    10. zZScott98Zz Says:

      Not the best one but still great s ever

    11. dragonsparx Says:

      Simon’s Cat is the new Garfield.

    12. weeksvigre Says:

      u5532m 5iq0 b614 052x 2e2

    13. lancerammo77 Says:

      Notice the cats face when he finds the base ball bat 😀

    14. DestructionFlix Says:

      Great video! Watch Our Video UFO’s Over New York? City in June 2011. AWESOME!

    15. Variel80 Says:

      ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?????

    16. DevitoHackett Says:

      Knorke 🙂 Ich kann das eigentlich nicht anderst behaupten! Korrekt ersichtlich das YouTube immens bombastischer ist als TV 😉 Gebt mir nen *thumbs up* sofern ihr dass auch so sieht. Noch ein Ratschlag an jeden youtuber. Habe vor nem Monat einen Blog entdeckt, welcher mir finanziel massiv geholfen hat. Klickt doch mal meinen Benutzername —> neben Website befindet sich ein Querverweis!!! Scheffle hiermit ueber 60 EUR am Tag!

    17. Jzrailen Says:

      Sometimes I undress in front my cat…

    18. KarsonCoker Says:

      NEW AND CUTE!!! “World’s Cutest Dog (Eating Apple)” WATCH NOW!!!

    19. Braceface7720 Says:

      Haha, we used to watch one everyday before testin’, to kinna make us laugh and wake us up!! Loved it!!:))

    20. Braceface7720 Says:

      Haha, we used to watch the videos before testin’, To wake us up and make us laugh!!:))

    21. tisverycool Says:

      this isnt a troll comment i get somone has worked hard on this and has done well but i mean what is it? commody or just a mess round with a cool program? cos i wasnt laughing through that soz

    22. mjbjemifan09 Says:

      love it!

    23. MrMeeperz123 Says:

      How can you dislike this? They must a lonely hermit that has no sense of humor.

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