Simon’s Cat in ‘Double Trouble’

www.simonscat.com – A new arrival causes chaos.

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    25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat in ‘Double Trouble’”

    1. alena447 Says:

      Omg so cute

    2. FluffyFerret2000 Says:

      Cuteness overload!!!

    3. McGregor340 Says:

      Battle of the century

    4. crumpitt Says:

      omg. seriously? This is SO FUNNY! Our fav Simon’s Cat video by FAR! lol that might be because we have SO MANY cats! And have introduced so many kittens to older kitties just like this. SIMON! You’re a genius! XD And I want MORE!!!

    5. andreaclaraflor Says:

      #1 – The new pet is more smart than the other. They’ll be friends, ‘course.
      #2 – My pet hates the sand box. I will introduce you to the new cat…. LOL

    6. ghybgvyfbfrthnbftghd Says:

      thumbs up if this is your first time seeing a simons cat video

    7. MrCarrickfb Says:

      I Love how accurate these sketches actually are!

    8. sockass Says:

      That is so effing cute! 😀

    9. coorslite2 Says:

      Best one yet.

    10. henry3145 Says:

      the very best one so far. can you imagine the mischief they will both get into.

    11. jasontheminecrafter Says:

      1:12 *hisssss**smart face**little cat thros pillow at simons cat**smartface*

    12. morgan1bucky Says:

      This is exactly like my two cats!

    13. hyperz4ya Says:

      This happens in my house everyday -.- lol

    14. orenjichu Says:

      I feel so sorry for Simon’s Owner.

    15. bsonic2001 Says:

      1:11 best jump ever

    16. bubbajiff Says:

      best one yet. easily <3

    17. em91198able Says:

      press 8 for kitten taking a dump.

    18. katfehl Says:

      best one yet!!!!!

    19. crackerjacker016 Says:

      @orenjichu simon is the owner… its SIMONS cat…

    20. ejramos5k Says:


    21. elstupidoify Says:

      Woo let’s gi small kitty

    22. AnaraneSeragone Says:

      I just showed this to my husband and he literally rolled with laughter holding his stomach! 😀

    23. xOAKxTREE Says:

      Love it!

    24. ALITHAARTIST10 Says:

      subscribe to simonscat!!! simonscat deserves more subscribers!!!

    25. ilovepickle129928 Says:

      the kitty is soo cute

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