Simon’s Cat in ‘Cat & Mouse’ – A persistent cat helps Simon finish his work.

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    25 Responses to “Simon’s Cat in ‘Cat & Mouse’”

    1. kagomae58 Says:

      LOVE CATS. that cat especially.

    2. LynxCoding Says:

      I thought this was the Yogscast Simon. -.-

    3. ratholin Says:

      Quit asking for thumbs up. if you say something people like or agree with they’ll do it anyways asking for thumbs is just silly.

    4. Mrsdepp2008 Says:


    5. princesshannah7 Says:

      THIS HAS HAPPENED TO EVERYONE WITH A COMPUTER AND A CAT. This is one of the great truths of the universe.

    6. FaxBearMax Says:


    7. steylar Says:

      teach your cat how to write “im hungry” – o wait .. that woult kill all te lulz

    8. grapejuice9110 Says:

      You should make a video of you FINALLY feeding him, then when he gets the food.. He doesn’t eat it. XD

    9. TheCatsri7 Says:

      too cute thumbs up and a like

    10. Zaidon7 Says:

      @MrStevensonJack That cat’s a bass turd.

    11. skylar15123 Says:

      Typing cat be typing!

    12. Kazueefly Says:

      wanna kill’im hauheuehe

    13. Rankerquat Says:

      Ah cats, youtube’s divine purpose.

    14. davevem Says:

      Wtf is with the cat asshole

    15. animeliversam13 Says:

      This is my cat >.>

    16. papouliot Says:

      : )

    17. IchDerComputerFreak Says:

      Like my cat 🙂
      Annoying but lovely

    18. DanNV100 Says:

      Spoiled cat. Io like it.

    19. drawingforward Says:

      Wouldn’t that be the cable for the monitor?

    20. KarliMeaghan Says:

      This is all too true.

    21. klacklery Says:

      The power of quicksave

    22. WeenieHallow Says:

      I would slay that cat and mount his pelt upon my living room wall.

    23. utubetravman Says:

      Why doesn’t he just feed his cat on time?

    24. vitality911 Says:

      the sound was really great in this

    25. CecenaGuy Says:

      Why does Simon always break the fourth wall at the end of almost every video?

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