Roomba Driver

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    25 Responses to “Roomba Driver”

    1. beautifulheadache Says:

      This is cute, but is with the lame ass music???

    2. JonnotheHedgehog Says:

      They see me rollin’
      They hatin’

    3. SuperAudee Says:

      Ahh so cute!!!

    4. albertjester Says:

      at dawn. we ride ?_?

    5. HaywireHakaze Says:

      Poor Roomba. That cat’s such a troll. :<

    6. jamesterdude Says:

      Kitty Dalek model?

    7. mushymcsquishy Says:

      XD what a cuuuutiiiiieee pie!!

    8. multidoug1 Says:

      haha if i were to do this to my cat he would chase me and scratch my face XD

    9. evilypse Says:

      Aspirateur et balaie en meme temps c’est pratique xD

    10. Kittykatkallie1 Says:

      @MathUhhhSaurus XD

    11. 719iceman Says:

      this is a roomba special package deal: roomba vaccums and kitteh dusts behind it

    12. smellcaster Says:

      @HaywireHakaze that’s not a real Problem, Cleaning Robots like this can take about 6-8 Kg. The Creator soon discovered that his Cat likes to sit on it and drive around. It just has to dock more often.

    13. smellcaster Says:

      @multidoug1 I don’t think so, as soon as the Cat realize that the Robot is harmless she will take advantage of it.

    14. GmanNetworks Says:

      Interesting mod. The tail is obviously to sweep up the dust that the Roomba misses and the paw device is clearly to steer the Roomba towards dirt and/or bacon. Very much worth the sacrifice of a bit of vertical clearance.

    15. dalymc Says:


    16. fireice2037 Says:

      His own personal chariot lol

    17. Kimberlite66 Says:

      OMG i nearly fell off my chair while i lol’d at this! hahaha. Just too darned cute. The accompanying music is just great too! Well done on this vid. Pleasure to watch. My 9 year old twin boys wondered what i was laughing at, and they enjoyed this vid too. hahaha Oh and lol@fireice2037.

    18. yanks2661 Says:

      Whats hot Dj Roomba?!

    19. GreatestHooligan Says:

      He is enjoying it as if the vacuum is invented for him. lazy cat.

    20. bygota Says:

      a few weeks from now, the cat is driving an F1 !!!

    21. WickedSoulXD Says:

      @MathUhhhSaurus XD I know right.

      Roomba: *cleans then turn around, cat tail dragging on floor dropping fur* What the, I just clean that area o_O

    22. Shaolinkungfucat Says:

      Roomba: Yeeaaah! Keep riding me, pussy.

    23. IsiahCoulter Says:


    24. coolmint191 Says:

      my cat won’t even be still in the passenger seat. cool cat

    25. laceypennies Says:

      I wonder if this works on dogs too… then you could be gone for the day and when you return it is as if you never left.

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