Racist Cat

Click to RT: bit.ly Golly, my roommate’s cat sure seems racist! And no, we’re not squeezing him. He’d maul us all if we tried that! What’s great about this video is it’ll let me know who’s been watching me for a while 😉 😉 — Follow me on Twitter!: twitter.com Facebook Page: facebook.com Second Channel with Tutorials and Behind the Scenes: youtube.com — Adrian Brody photograph taken by Rita Molnár, Denzel Washington photograph taken by Falkenauge, Tom Cruise photograph by MTV Live, Miley Cyrus photograph by Angela George, Oprah Winfrey photograph by Alan Light. All photographs used under a CC-A-SA License: creativecommons.org

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    22 Responses to “Racist Cat”

    1. Flamestripe6 Says:

      Because Hitler was a white guy who is now? heralded as one of the greatest evil bastards of history.

    2. Saw7KP Says:

      0:28? xD

    3. diamondwave100 Says:

      That still makes? him racist.

    4. jokersville44 Says:

      how? is that possible?! lol

    5. jokersville44 Says:

      im pretty sure tgat is cheeto too. he has the long? whiskers.

    6. poopglasses Says:

      Is? his name Play Dough or Plato?

    7. fireguy419 Says:

      oprah lol she halarius?

    8. alex08648 Says:

      awwww what a? cute kitty cat

    9. CaptainAsiandude Says:

      He would? explode.

    10. KaleeCali Says:

      Yeah, you’re pretty much squeezing that cat to make it meow. Next time, don’t show your buddies hands in the shot if? you wanna make a clean get away.

    11. vistigioful Says:


    12. XxElHectorexX Says:

      Parodia? wow en mi canal¡¡¡

    13. stephen samarniotis Says:

      the last nazi?

    14. 54321Marios Says:

      cheeto, good? kitty……

    15. SamultanGames Says:

      He? was holding the cat in place so he doesn’t move -_-

    16. KaleeCali Says:

      watch his right? hand.

    17. AmazingSlapToTheFace Says:

      ..The? mouth you see moving isn’t real. Lol

    18. TehMinecraftProdigy Says:

      Lol? I think it is.

    19. wippieflippie Says:

      Hitler was? a vegetarian!!!

    20. kygisold Says:

      It is…?

    21. themindzi Says:

      hahah.? good one.

    22. themindzi Says:

      he’s just holding the cat in place, he isnt squeezing it. the mouth? is clearly animated….you didnt know???/ LOL

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