N2 the Talking Cat S2 Ep10 Burrito Cat

Kona the funny talking cat has ear mites and goes crazy at the vet when she is treated. She gets wrapped in “the burrito” see if it works or not “Be a hero – adopt a pet. Check out www.AdoptaPet.com to find your match!” Help support N2 by getting N2 T-Shirts at http Like N2 on Facebok: www.facebook.com Follow N2 on Twitter: twitter.com

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    22 Responses to “N2 the Talking Cat S2 Ep10 Burrito Cat”

    1. herpa derpa Says:


    2. matthewrobertson1000 Says:

      lol lol lol? lol lol lol lol

    3. VersaBC Says:

      : ) ?

    4. wolvesrockILOVEWOLF Says:

      I nearly died laughing?

    5. Eyelinerandtattoos10 Says:

      LOL LOL LOL? LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. VersaBC Says:

      : )?

    7. VersaBC Says:

      thanks, glad? you liked it

    8. locustsymphony Says:

      this is so bad it’s good?

    9. jacktheladandbebe Says:

      @VersaBC Why did your cat die so young??

    10. Humansrule457 Says:

      You deserve a like? and a subscribe

    11. webbydeb Says:

      I laughed so hard,? I spit my coffee on my keyboard!

    12. Sean Huntsman Says:

      156? people thought that this cat actually talked.

    13. VersaBC Says:


    14. VersaBC Says:

      lol,? awesome!

    15. Xeorium Says:

      Hey cat lovers come see my video about my cat? Charlotte! 😀

    16. Zildijan441 Says:


    17. Eyelinerandtattoos10 Says:

      Poor? Night crawler 🙁 But kona is so awesome!!!!!!

    18. VersaBC Says:

      😕 )

    19. VersaBC Says:

      Kona is Awesome: ) ?

    20. Zildijan441 Says:


    21. Zildijan441 Says:

      lol? 0:39

    22. mattaloha Says:

      This Video is? so Stupid.

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