Mylo the Angry Cat Part 47 – Another Freakin Episode About Yo Mama

Mylo the Cat talks about the direct response from the creators of the Youtube “show” Yo Mama. Say whatever you want about me, but that Yo Mama series is the biggest piece of crap on this entire website. My Yo Mama vid from last week – Add Mylo on Facebook –

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    22 Responses to “Mylo the Angry Cat Part 47 – Another Freakin Episode About Yo Mama”

    1. iMustDestroyAll Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 Oh but I am. Pussy gets too tender and sensitive while destruction is always….destructive. I destroyed you quite some time ago. Yo momma was so destroyed that she was forgotten right after the destruction. MUAHAHAHAHA!

    2. Merasty0 Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 i did comment on the yo mama vid i even told you on facebook ^.^

    3. lilrobot959 Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 that’s what i was saying o:
      might’ve worded the comment wrong though.

    4. theratemaster442355 Says:

      @TigerTalon1 I’m a fanboy? Cool story bro I’m not even subscribed I saw the comments and MTC fanboys were all over it

    5. KimiHeBaStTSBS Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 ur welcome bitch! 😉

    6. SirGreengrunt8 Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 TRY HARDER MY FRIEND! 😀 😀 😀

    7. rkle75901 Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 Oh crap. I forgot that the darn comment never went through,cause of my internet connection. fml. sorry Mylo. 🙁

    8. ydude2 Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 i don’t think so, i could always tell him he’ll get off my “list” in exchange for subbing to you and liking all you vids ;P. i think ill do that

    9. imakittycatful Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 k hey did u see my background it is a pic i made of u

    10. 00YsoSerious00 Says:

      a boy at school is like yo mama is the funnyist show. me and my friends were like, i will bring you to mtc, he will claw your face out

    11. imakittycatful Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 i dont have one but i can send it through e mail

    12. carstorm85 Says:

      Aww that yomomma vid didn’t make it 2 my inbox. I’ll go and look for it now.

    13. xiaolinshowdownluvr Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 No problem! (:

    14. robert4301 Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 You read that right, for reals! I enjoyed your humor here. Being able to laugh at yourself a bit speaks well of you. This episode flowed smoothly with regular spikes of humor. I watched it again before responding…’s STILL funny. That says something right there! While I wish you all success, tons of views and commercial reward even, I noticed something here. As I write, the view count is 366 but the comments are at 279. That takes some loyal viewers!

    15. TheSSgator15 Says:

      @hiddentracktv2 *grabs camera* alright, let’s do this bitches!

    16. Sophielolable101 Says:

      sorry 4 commenting late
      plz put me on ur new list and ill c u next tuesday <3 <3 <3 !!!!

    17. TheLightdeer Says:

      Hey Mylo, sorry I haven’t been commenting, i was away and couldn’t get on, but im back!

    18. 00YsoSerious00 Says:

      still on list!

    19. Sasukura Says:

      Forever Mylo XD <3 Forever <3

    20. coolstuff3680 Says:

      Y do u need 2 curse

    21. johnkenneth930 Says:

      Twice as fun the second time to watch

    22. BenShumkov221 Says:

      so i didn’tsupport you enough i’m really freaking sorry for no being a real supporter i’m going to do somethingi will give you at least 5 new subs i promise
      p.s. if i’m not a real supporter i’ll take it

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