Meet The Record Breakers: ‘Stewie’, The World’s Longest Domestic Cat

The longest domestic cat is Mymains Stewart Gilligan (Stewie to his furr-ends), who is 123 cm (48.5 in) long. He is owned by Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness (USA) and was measured on 28 August 2010. Mymains Stewart Gillligan is a 5 year-old Maine Coon. LIKE us on Facebook: www.facebook.com FOLLOW us on Twitter: twitter.com www.guinnessworldrecords.com

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    23 Responses to “Meet The Record Breakers: ‘Stewie’, The World’s Longest Domestic Cat”

    1. gabrielspongano Says:

      man, i love maine coon catz, my cat died 3 mouths ago =/ his name was Toruk … congrats!

    2. xnoheart16 Says:

      @gabrielspongano Why, thank you 🙂

    3. orgaanik Says:

      That’s a long pussy you got there

    4. the13thcanadian Says:

      @isk8erboi i swear on my life he is 124cm, he’s an unofficial record holder

    5. LadyRavenSkye Says:

      @TheHowks No, not really. Cats swish their tails for other reasons to. There’s the “I’m pretending to be asleep, but I’m not” swish, there’s the “Hey! Look at me, I’m about to attack your foot” swish. There’s the “Hey! I just brought you a toy mouse, throw it for me” swish, which is followed by stares until the mouse is thrown. There is the “Din dins? Where are my dindins” swish… and lastly the “Stalking” swish.

    6. marsflamesniper Says:

      omg he is so CUTE. <3

    7. mkh4n Says:

      Previous record holder must be kicking his cat now lol..

    8. Paltitaaa Says:


    9. jake7864 Says:

      I wanna see this cat on his hind legs standing next to a midget that is shorter than the cat.

    10. MetalGuy5150 Says:

      Conan brought me here hahaa

    11. 911adt Says:


    12. gyaru1989 Says:

      I saw this clip on Conan O’brien 🙂

    13. DanDruffPig Says:

      i fusion my cat with a wild anaconda, can i beat this cat?

    14. loinahmad Says:


    15. ABon1212 Says:

      long cat is long

    16. Sanimangas Says:


    17. djslipside Says:

      How big is his litter box???

    18. DScougall Says:

      U could ride that bastard like he man

    19. gmanskater1234 Says:

      if it’s name is stewie it’s unusual.

    20. marcosEstrello Says:

      So they are honestly trying to say that’s a regular domestic house cat? It looks like an interbred wild cat/lynx

    21. TwilightAngel35 Says:

      that`s nearly a dog lol

    22. Sean9724 Says:

      0:58 – Cat – “You better be paying me for this”

    23. littlebigprominence Says:

      that cat is so cool i wound spent money just to have him for an hour =D he looks like a lion

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