Mad cat (Burger and Fries)

You ever seen a really angry cat? Check out this guy, hes not happy.

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    24 Responses to “Mad cat (Burger and Fries)”

    1. SORA4144 Says:

      he is pissed off

    2. keffo09 Says:

      id be pissed off too if someone named me burger and fries

    3. xXxThePhenomenonxXx Says:

      I’m gonna skin that cat and feed it to my cat

    4. nerdsacklicker Says:

      im ganna rip his togue out and feed it to him

    5. aquamarie1997 Says:

      mabye its like that because its freaking name is burger and frieds.

    6. TanuxaOrange Says:

      Em 1997,? uma garota chamada Lauren? estava caminhando em? uma floresta, e de? repente desapareceu,? ninguém nunca encontrou-a até 2000,? quando uma outra?? menina chamada? Maria encontrou o corpo e marcas em seu? peito, disseram:?? Não era bonita o? suficiente? “e, agora, você? leu isso, ela aparecerá em? seu? espelho dizendo que você não é bonito o suficiente e? matá-lo! (pela? forma como o menina chamada Mary morreu pouco? depois) Para se salvar colar este para 5 outros? vídeos é? verdade?

    7. kittenpaws13 Says:

      Dont you be mean to the cat people its in a freaken cage!!

    8. SecretSlayer23 Says:

      im guessing he lost his manhood. (whispers) he lost his balls!!!

    9. SecretSlayer23 Says:

      geez. i had friken headphones on! my ears r ringing.

    10. Blobshniflob Says:

      I’d be pissed too if my name was Burger and Fries…

    11. Nightraven117 Says:

      That poor cat! I wonder what could make it yowl like that!

    12. AdorkableAdriana Says:

      his poor head got caught in a garage door and the owners didn’t notice since they were on their way out anyways so the neighbor called the ASPCA and the owner went to pick him up and well…. he was pretty damn mad. I read about it in the owner’s youtube page

    13. ryanduhast Says:

      aaaaawwwww what’s wrong with this kitty……this isn’t funny at all!!

    14. gingiechow Says:

      not funny. obviously he doesn’t want to be messed with. just leave him alone!

    15. RatedRChris13 Says:

      Whoever traumatized that cat deserves to be raped by an elephant

    16. MissEmeraldKitty Says:

      This is so sad. It’s terrible to see an animal so upset.

    17. zombiething1 Says:

      RatedChris13 LMFAO!! lol

    18. patlk Says:

      yo cat u mad?


      lol wtf what kind of noise is that lol

    20. cavaleteiro Says:

      Poor cat, he is so afraid of the camera :), he is also very cute!

    21. reallazy Says:

      hes pissed cuz his name is Burger & Fries and hes afraid that the woman behind the camera is gonna eat him. lol

    22. estudioarquedesign Says:

      Electrified cat prank, lol

    23. alexaboo52 Says:

      @spencercjohnson It was traumatized by a person and kicking it would only make it meaner.

    24. LMA629 Says:

      i’d be pissed off too if my name was burger

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