Little Kitten So Tired. Cutest vid ever!!!

Kitten tries to get some sleep, while the others play.

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    25 Responses to “Little Kitten So Tired. Cutest vid ever!!!”

    1. TheDisturbedTurtle Says:


    2. galmon98 Says:

      in the backround, 0:28 lion? king relived…………. kitty style

    3. rebecca mould Says:

      awwwww so cute?

    4. mittao86 Says:

      Just? saying if you have more then 1 cats, you a propably very lonely person.

    5. CL2695 Says:

      sleepy? time! he or she is SOOOO CUTE! 😉

    6. nolan lacy Says:

      does anyone else see the kittens in the? background

    7. sunrisehaku Says:


    8. sunrisehaku Says:

      sunrise;me? steal sleepy kitty

    9. Lukas Venckaitis Says:

      Is so? cute cute cute I so love cats like like like everybody like

    10. honey McDonald Says:

      that is? a woman

    11. XTenTenX1 Says:

      Meanwhile, in the? background

    12. dizzydesimama Says:

      CUTEST? kittens ever!!!!

    13. jedder Says:

      Why would a cat try to sleep standing/sitting up??

    14. Ally Macwhirter Says:

      hahahahaha? the the silly kitten in the background :’) so cute falling over

    15. sunrisehaku Says:

      soft? kitty warm kitty little ball of fur happy kitty SLEEPY KITTY PER PER PER

    16. scarlettx333 Says:

      omg narrating woman? stfu

    17. Lost96Hope Says:

      0:36 hammer hart?

    18. 101jemxsabre101 Says:

      There weren’t enough hrs in the day, and? kitty wanted to play D:

    19. honey McDonald Says:

      that “man” is a woman?

    20. Bhup1978 Says:

      Oh my god!!! Why am I? waisting my time watching kittens on Youtube..??!!

    21. upzuel92 Says:

      It’d be funny if one of the other kittens just pounced on him? XD

    22. lilJess0831 Says:

      The? kittens in the background fighting are so funny lol <3

    23. 954bballer Says:

      too bad cats get ugly when they get? older. they are so adorable when young though

    24. Ashleigh Nicole Says:

      I had to laugh at the? dopey kitten who fell off the chair. lol to gorgeous

    25. Niamh561 Says:

      What am I doing looking at? cats lol 🙂

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