Let’s Play Ocarina of Time Part 20: Cat, Crap, and Lap

So cats are pretty cool, guess that’s how they came up with the phrase ‘cool cat’. Also, I took care of the mask sidequest, awesome! Next part: Temple of Time!

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    16 Responses to “Let’s Play Ocarina of Time Part 20: Cat, Crap, and Lap”

    1. ShadowGhidrah10 Says:

      The skull mask confused me so much even though i knew that i had to sell it to the skull kid it took me forever to learn i had to play him Saria’s song.

    2. Meutainer Says:

      yeah, for some weird reason the mail man is missing for me, you see it in both pt 17 & 18 in my walktrhough

    3. PaperBagSam Says:

      you make a good first lpst!

    4. PaperBagSam Says:

      my cat took a piss on my bed, and the took a crap on my ds

    5. pikpikluigi Says:

      i don’t own a cat but my friends cats ether hate me or love me depends on if their really fat cats too i guess.

    6. jrwriterKGS Says:

      I don’t have a cat, but my friend has 3. One of them always creepy-watching people when they come over. And when you think she’s not, she’s there. Watching. O_O

    7. tvzrr1012732 Says:

      my cat is crazy!!!

    8. ChrisTheUltimate64 Says:

      lol crap on your pants and then cat piss talk about having a bad day lol XD

    9. Railrodder Says:

      Just an idea…try wetting some of your cables and sprinkling pepper on them. Kitty may find chewing on them not so pleasent any longer and stop doing it.

    10. WinThink Says:

      @Railrodder Is that so? I may very well try that, she’s been quite a problem lately. She also scratches on my walls, making a nasty screeching sound!

    11. WinThink Says:

      @jrwriterKGS Most of my cats either actively rub on visitors or actively avoid them, I don’t have any of the watching/staring cats. Some of my friends do, though, it’s rather disorienting!

    12. WinThink Says:

      @pikpikluigi Hmm, yeah, as for my cats, the fatter they are, the friendlier they are. Not sure if there’s any correlation there, or if it’s just a coincidence.

    13. Technok Says:

      My cat is big and fluffy and cute. Everything he does is adorable except puke up hairballs now and then ._.

    14. WinThink Says:

      @Technok Reminds me of my aptly named cat, ‘Poofy’.

    15. pikpikluigi Says:

      @WinThink It’s also possible that fat=jolly like how people think of good old santa clause. lol

    16. Railrodder Says:

      @WinThink Just a suggestion. You just don’t want to do anything that can hurt the kitty.
      I really love your channel. I am a Zelda fan! I’ve been playing Wind Waker for like 3 years(on and off)! I collect GCN, N64, and SNES.

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