Kittens on a Slide

Kittens that are living in my old playhouse are learning how to go down the slide. Momma Dove isn’t happy about it. Added notes: The cat gave birth up there, I didn’t put them up there. I blocked off the top of the slide, they got around it, I blocked it off better, and finally kept them safe. They got on the slide themselves and even after falling off when I wasn’t there, they still kept getting back on. I did help the kitten at the end back up. I love my babies, so shut up about the animal abuse crap. I have disabled comments.

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    23 Responses to “Kittens on a Slide”

    1. kritz101 Says:

      oh god get a grip
      they’re kittens. they like to play and explore, it was a little fall,? there’s no way it got hurt. it’s an animal, it’s okay if they are allowed to make their own mistakes and explore, its all part of life for them.

    2. Sveetoe Says:

      Have to agree have to agree… Cheez. I think thats rude when people are talking here with EVERYONE and most of them can’t understand! Feels so grounded. My mother language really isnt English (as you see) but still I talk english in popular sites. Thats? why I want everybody else to do the same for me.

    3. Wingu84 Says:

      The difference, however, is that Finnish people uses English more than Japanese. I’d say you have to respect the fact that Japanese people don’t speak English well, or at all. I think it’s nice of him to leave a nice comment rather than nothing at all. If you can read it or not, well, frankly that’s your problem, not everyone elses (as it would seem in this case). Besides, someone already translated it for you. Enjoy your? English.

    4. Sveetoe Says:

      yeah thanks? for translating.

    5. Sveetoe Says:

      I know these facts already. So, guess? youre saying that I said a wrong opinion? Why cant I comment something I really mean? I said it as nice as I could and I’m sorry if its not enough for you perfectรณs.
      Thanks for understanding.

    6. Silversun268 Says:

      very cute ๐Ÿ™‚ don’t let the? people who are being stupid get to you, this is not even close to something you could call animal cruelty.

    7. Wingu84 Says:

      Which leads to the question, why can’t he comment something he wants without being trashed?
      Nono, thank you for understanding.? ๐Ÿ™‚

    8. Sveetoe Says:

      Being trashed?? Thats a bit too much.. I didnt say anything bad, did I? And oh yea, japanese guy can comment whatever he wants, so do I. Thats why I just answered him that I cant understand him (and I rly wanted to).
      This sounds like a bit of language racism here, and thats what we dont want, huh?

    9. UlgarFireMage Says:

      Yes,? that was sarcastic, and very amusing. ๐Ÿ˜›

    10. TTHANKYOUU Says:

      omg? gawd kitty kat

    11. iDorkization Says:

      AWW how cute.? <3

    12. ThoughtControl Says:

      animal cruelty? Give me a? break. we saw animals learning here. and being cute. that’s all.

    13. ThoughtControl Says:

      animal cruelty? Give me a break. we saw animals learning here.? and being cute. that’s all.

      cute video.

    14. Schpudd Says:

      too adorable?

    15. pookerella Says:

      I guess someone? must’ve pushed you down one … head first.

    16. pookerella Says:

      You don’t need to make any excuses for yourself, even if you were filming them. You did nothing wrong. Seems to me, these people have never had cats or never had cats who had litters. Like I said, mine use to climb up my drapes and jump from SIX? FEET!

    17. pookerella Says:

      Totally right.? Mine would slide on the floor and bang hard into walls. Next: up and running without a scratch.

    18. Oliviax7 Says:

      there is nothing wrong with this. animal abuse is like thorwing cats against the wall this is just fine i think its funny? nothing is hurt in this the kitten is fine people
      ur i love animals and this is not wrong

    19. TheeCoolOne Says:

      lol how cute ๐Ÿ˜€
      people? are stupid. cat cruelty…no cats run into things and fall all the time. it’s not like the slide was going off a building.

    20. Nikon05 Says:

      Well slides are designed? for “human children”…..

    21. JonnyBgr Says:

      Cute? <33333

    22. Fuuin Says:

      Dude. You CANNOT compare a kitten to a human baby, for they are completely different. Cats and kittens can easily live through MUCH harder conditions than a baby, because they haven’t adapted to the kind of comfort humans have. You have the fur, for one, and then the itsy bitsy tiny little fact that cats can survive falls from incredible falls. You say the? kitten twist when it fell off; it was its instinct telling it to flip over so it would land on its legs. They’re born with it.

    23. viktoriaxvicious Says:

      Rofl!? You’re awesome!

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