Kittens Befriend German Shepherd | Too Cute

The family German Shepherd takes kindly to the newest members of the house. Tune in Saturdays @ 9pm on Animal Planet | For more visit animal.discovery.com

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    24 Responses to “Kittens Befriend German Shepherd | Too Cute”

    1. stacci reese Says:

      The fan was not harm? You done? be talk English good!

    2. StealGalaxy Says:

      Not harm to the cats.?

    3. Wulfstint Says:


    4. elissajeanette Says:

      kitten? dance routines

    5. shortyjaxz Says:

      Sooooooooo cute?

    6. tammyrodgers78 Says:

      Not so cute too cute?

    7. Every1isBeautiful4 Says:

      WHHAT KIND OF KITTENS ARE? THOSE? There so cute! Jdcjubfcunfc k.

    8. TalulahCarmichael2 Says:

      They’re ragdoll? kittens.

    9. jkleli Says:

      I was really frustrated and? stressed out.
      Not anymore.

    10. arbutusviper1 Says:

      Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i love getting lost in the ‘kitten’ section? of YouTube : D !

    11. 7iluvanimals Says:

      Are you in Texas and wanting? a adoptable dog or cat please come and look at my? videos or do you just want to see some cute animals of mine please come and take a look!!!!!

    12. TheOlivelady Says:

      Best video ive seen? all year.

    13. mjk0123456789 Says:

      That’s awesome!!!!!!! So? adorable!!!!!!!

    14. KittyKatLove099 Says:

      im allergic to adoribleness? *dies and has nose bleed*

    15. TheSyviana Says:

      86,988/ likes 880/ dislikes? 8 …woooow…

    16. sprays4 Says:

      i love cats
      i love every single cat
      like this if you know who said? this

    17. Mercenary9545 Says:

      0:46 CMON? MAN GIVE ME AN AIR HUG! (>OuO)>

    18. Mickers Bunch Says:

      Pittbul Nurses Kitten TOO CUTE!!! ? /watch?v=9axDIyy2Yoo

    19. scribbles711 Says:

      oh my? god sooooo cute!

    20. danagirl23 Says:

      eharmony chick–I just wanna hold them all? but I can’t!

    21. movetodare Says:


    22. KetchupSplodge Says:

      owah dey? so cute

    23. bballgirlsl981 Says:


    24. 71demonium Says:

      I Died of cuteness, need an hospital ?

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