Kitten and his box.

Update: I had to swap the audio around because i don’t have permission to use sister jack. Music: Arabesque No. 2 by Debussy .

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    24 Responses to “Kitten and his box.”

    1. Megan Grandstaff Says:

      Awwww….they are so adorable! I want my cat to be a playful little kitten again.? I miss when she was like that.

    2. MsAsdfghjasdf Says:

      The music ruins it but its cute ;3?

    3. 87Stecat Says:

      Aaaaggghhh this is soooo cute I think I’m? gonna die!

    4. mharney Says:

      0:51 Winkwink 🙂

    5. stadiz1 Says:

      Look better.
      And you see? that kitten in de box, wants to get to get OUT of the box.

    6. sobana1405S Says:

      They are so adorable?

    7. candygirls731 Says:

      how did I get here from watching amnesia? reactions?

    8. danjoelabrenica Says:

      kawaii? desu!!!!!!!!!! :3

    9. SenizLovesJLS Says:

      Aww that? is so cute

    10. PurpleReflexAim Says:

      1 word: AAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!?

    11. ArmandProduction365 Says:

      I did Honeydew from the? Yogscasts “Ahhhh!”

    12. 33doglover1 Says:

      how was it made like? 6 years ago and still has comments from today

    13. TheRdub1991 Says:

      @ 33doglover1
      Maybe because somebody left a comment on the video today!!!! Dumb ass question if i have ever heard on?

    14. TheRdub1991 Says:

      One *?

    15. Calhione Says:

      Lol love it?

    16. topcat989 Says:

      because cute and fluffy kittens are? related to everything!

    17. Fluffypashka Says:

      Bullies!? Lol!

    18. brooke dye Says:


    19. patatoz1 Says:

      Don’t give up? little kitten

    20. hk1399 Says:

      I love kittens!. For my opinion, they are the cutest animals ever!!! -3-3-3-3-3.? -.-

    21. Ruth West Says:

      0:35_1:00 ? is sooooo cute

    22. LilSparkieTV Says:


    23. florpman1732 Says:

      This? is a great example of bullying.

    24. JockieFail497 Says:

      0:14-0:16 look to the cat on the left.I picture him saying,”OH? MAI GARSH!LOL COME LOOK AT THIS GAIZ!”

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