“I Are Meerkat” Cute Kitten

This is the runt. She is standing like a person. Or thinks she is a Meerkat. Haha Came home from work and went into their room to tidy up(kittens are messy lol as you can see) and get new pictures and she stood like a little person. So cute that I had to record it right away. She is a 8 week old Runt I am fostering. (Kennel is only used for safety purposes when I am away. Is large enough to comfortably house them safely till I return if I leave for a bit. As kittens chew on wires and anything else they think is a toy. Which could hurt them.) ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy.

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    22 Responses to ““I Are Meerkat” Cute Kitten”

    1. spaceneedle78 Says:


    2. AnnaTFan Says:

      Cats? are starting to evolve xD jk

    3. kawatomo1223 Says:


    4. stylynzy Says:

      Awwww so cute! :D?

    5. ImmaThatGuy Says:

      English more, please and? thank you.

    6. kittengirly22 Says:


    7. ymdance59 Says:


    8. Halkpelt Says:


    9. Halkpelt Says:

      so? cute

    10. theactualalex Says:

      damnit! Its just? like the ending of inception. You don’t know if its still standing or if it fell!!!

    11. bakatango Says:


    12. dccmnmn Says:

      This cute kitten proved? the theory of the evolution of Darwin.

      ?? ??????????????????????????

    13. nihonn0125 Says:


    14. lindsnadia Says:

      Thumbs up if? you have no idea what the top comments are saying ๐Ÿ˜€

    15. ESP9098 Says:


    16. Sang Kaque Says:


    17. KlutzyGirl7 Says:

      XD cute.?

    18. micpar2 Says:

      What a? sweetheart! My cats do that two, one a mainecoon & the other a panda like b & w huge stray.

    19. Bickzu Says:

      so cute^^

    20. macaroni767 Says:

      i think ur high

    21. tazwhite29 Says:

      Awww so cute^_^?

    22. xXColorMyDreamsXx Says:


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