i are cute kitten

kind of you to depress orange button for subscribing. sending my moving picture to your family would be high honor for me. i our very cute kitten so much to be ever in your life? very pleaseing to eye, i hope. i maybe having powers cute beyond scientific understanding. you will please submitting to my cuteness with prepare to melt like chocolate forest clause. forgiving my english please, as not good i am just a kitten as aforementioned. i not knowing origin maybe mother was Asian and father was Jewish but I are 100 percentage cute kitten for certainty. babysitterofnalts is my caring taker. please to greet her thank you. she never harm me and she ask to making that clear. she always kind caring taker and feed me often. some kitten are fighting with other i see. why that? http

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    22 Responses to “i are cute kitten”

    1. MsJ3mmA Says:

      this grammar gets to me !!!!!!!!! (lol, especially that last one)

    2. madebyrobin1 Says:

      1:04 animal haters like if u agree :'(

    3. AL92660 Says:

      poor kitten, owned by someone that puts him into situations he’s clearly not digging. Prepare for surprises in your shoes someday. ;p

    4. bsteels Says:

      my favorite part is when the kitten is in the fridge. oh wait no it just got to where he’s on the raft in the pool. that wins.

    5. TheLindsay360 Says:

      I just want to know how in the HELL he got that kitten in the gutter? lmao or maybe i dont want to know…

    6. gibsonstrat66 Says:

      I are? lol wtfxD

    7. PeAnY33 Says:

      I’d HATE 2 b tht cat!!!!!! Always shoved into small stupid places just 2 get so called “LAUGHS”

    8. inetaparkes123 Says:

      I love cute pets <3

    9. WorldFable Says:

      seems like the cat is scared all the time but you still do that. neither its good to have the cat in all that places where you eat and drink from.

    10. Eiferlosesit1986 Says:

      @SilenceM0rtal and your oversensitive.

    11. Eiferlosesit1986 Says:

      @RicksWayTV I’d hardly call it being locked in a filing cabinet. Also how do you look something/one in anything? Let alone a filing cabinet?

    12. Eiferlosesit1986 Says:

      @TheKadamungus Best answer so far lol.

    13. stiggyh Says:

      love it 🙂

    14. Eiferlosesit1986 Says:

      @Luna159 You don’t know much about kittens. They actually like small warm dark places, it makes the feel safe. Thus the reason they like to cuddle up in your arms with they’re face away from the light.

    15. Eiferlosesit1986 Says:

      @dragonmaster2408 Für ein Tier Liebhaber sie weiß nicht viel über Katzen. Sie genießen, in warmen dunklen Plätze, sowie eine auf engstem Raum. Es wirkt sicher zu ihnen. Sorry for the poor translation, I used an online translator.

    16. Eiferlosesit1986 Says:

      @TimThomas98 Ignorant much?

    17. madfishmonger Says:

      Pure adorable!

    18. minama24 Says:

      I like it but dont do it again it’s mean to the cat

    19. srccar Says:

      wtf did I just watch

    20. babarecords13 Says:

      Like , Like , Like ! Cute kitten (”’)(^_^)(”’)

    21. khida123p Says:

      they’re so ugly when they grow up

    22. TheBobbillyboy Says:

      Thumbs up if you think all of that mess would make your mother proud

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