How to Train Your Cat Not to Bite

Although cats bite instinctively, you can curb this tendency by appropriate training.

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    25 Responses to “How to Train Your Cat Not to Bite”

    1. supermariofrankie Says:


    2. cykantode Says:

      Let the cat bites you A LOT!

    3. SAUDIHEROx Says:


    4. guypenclip Says:


    5. Joolie9009 Says:

      my cat is a BITCH.

    6. cccaymol Says:


    7. messenger360 Says:

      @kb249900 You do realize by now that nobody gives a rat’s ass?

    8. Adamsvids999 Says:

      step one: get rid of the cat

    9. FormatxCwalk Says:

      take out the teeth and feed it liquids

    10. NejiHyuga900 Says:

      I’m gonna’ try this with my dog. *30 seconds later* OMG! He bit my hand off! Someone call an ambulance. *Passes out*

    11. m666alkhalel Says:


    12. ROCMARIO1 Says:

      GUY:Ouch why you bite me
      CAT:I’m sorry
      GUY:I’m not your friend anymore

    13. mikael5890 Says:

      You also need a cat.

    14. destroyer4253 Says:

      my cat doesnt bite it looks at me and is like meh im to fat to deal with you today

    15. ShaunWhiteismyGinger Says:

      i hate cats -_____-

    16. peaceluvcats Says:

      my cat is 11, you think she wants to get sprayed?!

    17. magna378 Says:

      when a cat bites you lightly it means it likes you

    18. luedriver Says:


    19. XxmonstahobgobxX Says:

      @mikael5890 Ture. Trew

    20. ItsRachie Says:

      I have a two year old cat I found on the side of the road when he was less than a month old, and since I found him I’ve been trying really hard to get him not to bite. He usually only does for fun, but its getting more aggressive. Thank you so much for posting this!

    21. vaporized1000 Says:

      whats the next video from howcast how to make a sandwhich how to put your pants on how to walk how to sit how to drink water how to eat food

    22. pokealex388 Says:

      sensitive area huh……. thats nasty

    23. JazyGirl26 Says:

      @magna378 noooooo if it’s a kitten maybe

    24. JazyGirl26 Says:

      @pokealex388 wow it’s talking about like their face stupid

    25. DrkYaminoHikari Says:

      It’s because his girlfriend pussy smells like fish is the reason for his cat biting habit.

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