How to deactivate a cat

from www.spi0n.com A veterinarian put standby a cat with a plier.

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    23 Responses to “How to deactivate a cat”

    1. thefluffiestbunnyuno Says:

      @dudeglove ITS VOODOO!!!!!! POOR KITTY

    2. TheKinochan Says:

      hmmm I agree popace but some people that I agree too.because a mother of a cat carries it’s child around too.But I think that clipper is more painful then the mother’s mouth.So I agreed on both. (No offense) Sorry ^_^””

    3. TheKinochan Says:

      And after it is a cat which has a sensative skin sometimes right? no offense again

    4. TheKinochan Says:

      And after all it is a cat which has a sensative skin sometimes right? no offense again

    5. iiDEWxy Says:

      Guys this doesn’t hurt the cat. Mother cats pick their babies up by the neck skin, so the sensation caused by this probably reminds them of that (through some animal instinct) and they know to behave.

    6. ThisOneCanFly Says:

      That cat was like: WTF I can’t move!

    7. suls00 Says:

      @egerish This is not true, i closed the door on my cats paw accidently and he screamed…..

    8. B85211932 Says:

      @18cema You aren’t very experienced are you?

    9. MasherTroll Says:

      Does this work with girls too???

    10. IGottaPickle Says:

      Veterinarian used Clamp!
      Foe Cat was hit 1 time!
      It’s super effective!

    11. van1ved Says:

      ??? ???? ???????:)

    12. OneMove33 Says:

      I’d like to know what it feels like to that cat…probably a helpless euphoria

    13. Radi0ActivSquid Says:

      @Ciiwwii – You have no idea what your talking about.

    14. KharAdaBoris Says:

      ???? ?? ??? ???? ??>:]

    15. BenAndrade123 Says:

      @MachinistakaxERo YOUR FACE! LOLZ

    16. DDADROVIC Says:

      @ExSoldierSith dude chill out and read the top 2 comments i dont wanna spend my time explaining u …

    17. b455head Says:

      My eyes! They’ve been opened!

    18. Avatarvia Says:

      If anyone is wondering, this doesn’t work on a woman.

      Just stick to rohypnol.

    19. MachinistakaxERo Says:

      @BenAndrade123 so u are retarded alright im sorry

    20. RacingRyan0 Says:


    21. MrMaxwell4209 Says:

      Can you bath the cat?That’s the real test

    22. maidpretty Says:

      Is it a “cat deactivation device” or “cat standby/powersaving mode switch”?

    23. Fubukikrk Says:

      It’s really nice and all, but I’m still concerned about the clip you’re using. Ever tried clamping that thing on a part of your own body? Hurts! Although the cat does not look like it’s in pain…

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