Heavy Metal Cats! Key of Awesome #1

Heavy Metal Cats! Kittens! Are you obsessed with LOL cats and I Can Has Cheezburger? Do you watch funny cat videos incessantly? Then this video is for you! Metallica + Cats = MetalliCats! CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE SONGS OF AWESOME! The Key of Awesome (Deluxe Edition) itunes.apple.com California Gurls (They’re Unreliable) Single itunes.apple.com Nervous Guy Single itunes.apple.com Tron Girl Single itunes.apple.com Afraid (Eminem Parody) Single itunes.apple.com — Check out the REMIX from Ultra Kawaii! www.youtube.com — Watch our other songs in the Key of Awesome: 1. METALLICATS www.youtube.com 2. TRICK OR TREAT OR DIE www.youtube.com 3. TWILIGHT SUCKS! The Emo Vampire Song www.youtube.com 4. DO THE CRYBABY www.youtube.com 5. THE HOT VOICEMAIL LADY www.youtube.com 6. LADY GAGA AND LORD GAGA (BAD ROMANCE PARODY) www.youtube.com 7. SARAH PALIN: MIKE RELM REMIX www.youtube.com 8. BATMAN PARODY: THE DARK KNIGHT IS CONFUSED www.youtube.com 9. CHAD VADER AND OBAMA GIRL GET FREAKAY www.youtube.com 10. SLEEP ON YOU: THE JUSTIN BIEBER PARODY www.youtube.com 11. JERSEY SHORE PARODY SONG www.youtube.com 12. MAN-CRUSH ON JACK BAUER www.youtube.com 13. GLITTER PUKE: THE KE$HA TIK TOK PARODY www.youtube.com — MORE BARELY: Subscribe! www.youtube.com Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com www.twitter.com Visit our arcade! youtube.com/barelyarcade Check out our websites www.barelypolitical.com http Friend us on Facebook & Myspace www.facebook.com www.facebook.com www.myspace.com Call us 1

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    24 Responses to “Heavy Metal Cats! Key of Awesome #1”

    1. energyboy5696 Says:

      1965 ppl are siick

    2. twilight38657 Says:


    3. renandstimpyist Says:

      gabba gabba meow

    4. Beaverhead100 Says:

      @MajorPwnage96 Nothing else catters?

    5. EnigmaticMercenary Says:

      I actually ended up feeling bad for the woman near the end. Still. AWESOME.

    6. Soobinny Says:

      Please do a parady about Rebecca Black’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!

    7. biebslover1000 Says:

      wow o my

    8. liv2kill2011 Says:

      is it me or did the cat at the end look like meatball from anger management

    9. crackuporelse Says:

      luv it

    10. FallingDownElevators Says:

      I know the chorus is inspired by Seek and Destroy

    11. meedo018 Says:


    12. jimmyhobkins Says:

      i masterbate to kittens on the web!!

    13. meedo018 Says:

      Whats the name of the real song
      not the paradoy?
      anyone plz

    14. shadi7997 Says:

      @meedo018 its like a mix of enter sandman , seek and destroy and the four horsemen .. i think 😉

    15. littlelarryj518 Says:

      aww that is cute but also creepy

    16. littlelarryj518 Says:

      cute but freaky that is just weird and what type of chips are thoses i am just glade she is not fat whit all thoses chips omg

    17. AL4182 Says:

      entar sandmen

    18. GuitarGuy057 Says:

      I love the Metallica spoof; it’s perfect!

    19. lemonkitty8 Says:

      …..That will probably be me someday…….only with live cats

    20. MonsoonZimmer483 Says:

      That woman reminds me of me. x]
      I spend my time looking up kitties.

    21. littlelarryj518 Says:

      lol the cat was playing the piano wow some ppl r messtup

    22. littlelarryj518 Says:

      lol the cat was playing the piano wow some ppl r messed up

    23. xxxxJackson12 Says:

      “Three little kittens ( three little kittens), Lost their mittens ( lost their mittens) , and they began to cry ( they began to cry)”. LMAO 😀

    24. spitfirepanzy1 Says:

      I took when it says “Key of awesome” or ducky of awesome I can never tell, and made it my ringtone.

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