Games for Cats

Friskies® Presents: iPad Games for Cats! Visit for links to the games, videos, and more.

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    25 Responses to “Games for Cats”

    1. kamaeldamarfia Says:

      muito maneiro esse joguinho 😀

    2. azas92 Says:

      stupid cats 😀

    3. Smokey1507 Says:

      You could buy a hell of a lot of real goldfish for the price of an iPad

    4. mdendulk Says:

      OMG, that is so cute! Another reason I need an ipad!

    5. yuribr Says:

      After the third fish I would put a big and noisy shark coming out of the screen to scare the cats.

    6. StlScientist Says:

      Where can this game be downloaded or is it only avaliable by wi-fi?

    7. jonasfeld Says:

      This put a smile on my face

    8. tsukinochouu Says:

      is this working ONLY for iPad?
      too bad i have samsung tab

    9. Murrawhip Says:

      Why’s everyone asking how to get it? READ THE DESCRIPTION.

    10. haxitup Says:

      @tsukinochouu the site specifically mentions iPads and Android-based tablets

    11. jknvv13 Says:

      @tsukinochouu No, it works even on Android 😉

    12. jknvv13 Says:

      Now I have a new reason to buy a motorola xoom…

    13. dnjqc Says:

      I Hope that the screen of iPad has a “invisibleSHIELD” by ZAGG.

    14. dnjqc Says:

      25% OFF on

    15. LuisPerez199 Says:

      realy my cat can play..? Come on garfield lest gonna play call of duty!

    16. tzerole Says:


    17. heronvalle1 Says:

      amazing =D

    18. FireflyIII Says:

      Hope u bought a screen protector…

    19. Jimmywantstobelily Says:

      I need to get an ipad

    20. MCBTranslations1 Says:

      Cybertime for Cats!

    21. pyrogina Says:

      FINALLY! a practical use for an ipad!

    22. meewingthecat Says:

      Une petite vidéo faite avec mon chat Judge cet après midi.

    23. mrvabbe2 Says:

      @pyrogina what about using it like a hammer?
      or crash it on the wall is gonna be funny

    24. LoPuFi Says:

      wont the cat claws scratch the ipad?

    25. repe0 Says:

      @LoPuFi LoPuFi, the screen of idevices is nearly unscratchable

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