Game of Thrones opening sung by a cat

My cat Arya meowing to the Game of Thrones opening.

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    22 Responses to “Game of Thrones opening sung by a cat”

    1. hazed819 Says:

      Siamese are amazing?

    2. Jst2Epic Says:

      How can people actually dislike this? Your all a bunch of damn? Nazi’s!

    3. NeroAlan Says:

      machinima brought me? here

    4. Ashton Lockhart Says:

      yogscast? brought me here

    5. dobbsiancant Says:

      i don’t have a cell phone but if this was a ringtone i? would probably get one.

    6. rageof thenorth Says:

      Omg, dying. Lol. Amazing.? Good job!

    7. lilT5858 Says:

      someone seriously has way too much time on there? hands lol

    8. bids042 Says:

      yeah,? that cat is REALLY hungry…

    9. Gentler98 Says:

      Please i? beg you do more videos like this!!

    10. MegaHenryfox Says:

      ajaj like? and fab xd

    11. Daniel Langley Says:

      MEOW meow meow meow, Game of? thrones yeah game of thrones

    12. Bahamut1989Guardian Says:

      CAT IN? THE NORTH!!!

    13. Amy Beck Says:

      This is by far the best thing the internet has thrown at? me today…

    14. jonny581991 Says:


    15. Cousa Salvatore Says:

      hear? me meow!

    16. paris86 Says:

      Cat of? the canals

    17. t1oxETy Says:

      AWWWE THE CUTENESS,? THE NERDNESS…my heart cant take it :’3

    18. cazzerss Says:

      this should? be the official opening

    19. ThePacKaoS Says:

      brace yourselves Cat Beyond? the Wall is coming

    20. polisherci Says:

      their* hands?

    21. AISmagic2008 Says:

      I love? this cat

    22. Tibormasta Says:


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